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    san fran…ciscooooo [photo dump days three & four]

    Welcome back for days 3 & 4 of Martina’s San Franciscan adventure. I’ve decided to lump Saturday and Sunday together because although we did things, I feel like I didn’t take enough pictures for two separate blog posts. Anyway… Saturday was a rough day for me. Being in the cold, wet air the night before and not feeling well to begin with was not ideal. Add on to that having to search for a backpack to replace mine that broke, I was not a happy camper. Our hotel was on the borderline of the Tenderloin neighborhood and Nob Hill. The Tenderloin is known for their homeless population. According to what we heard,…

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    my heart in [san francisco photo dump day 2]

    Day 2 and we’re on a roll. For the record, my ears had pretty much fixed themselves after a good night’s sleep. thank heaven for little miracles.  Our second day was chock full of tourist things. I love being a tourist and really taking in my surroundings. So this was the day I was most excited for. So excited, in fact, I was thisclose to buying a fanny pack. A neon, see through fanny pack. living my best life. We started the day early with a $13 egg mcmuffin and coffee that is still making hair grow on my back from the market in the hotel. It was a blessing and a…

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    honey, i’m home!

    Guess who’s back, back again, Teenie’s back, tell a friend. ugh. teenie isn’t even my nickname, never really has been either. the things i do for this blog. Anyway…. I’M HOME! San Francisco was amazing. I already want to go back. who’s coming with me? Check back for pictures and recommendations. Just give me a few days because 1) I have to do some editing #fortheblog and 2) I’m convinced I have a touch of tonsillitis, but that’s a story for another time. Also, if anyone has any tricks on how to unclog their ears after a plane ride, SEND THEM MY WAY. I’m strugglin’ here. See you in a few!

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    california dreamin’

    I have to be up in about 5 hours but I’m not tired, so here I am. By the time you’re reading this I will be about an hour into a cross-country flight to San Francisco! Guys, I’ve waited what feels like most of my (almost) 30 years to go to California. So, of course, my throat and sinuses decide NOW IS THE TIME to revolt and do things that they don’t usually do. Like, hurt and tickle for the past 10 days or so. The up-side is, I now have a sexy voice to use on all of the Californian boys (except it will probably be like that episode of…

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    westward bound

    One month from today, I will be hopping on a plane pointed west, headed straight to where Tony Bennett left his heart. For five days I’ll be playing tourist in the land of sea lions, sourdough, and fog named Karl. san Francisco Make sure you check back here and on my Instagram for up to the minute vacation shenanigans! Also, this is my 300th post! What?! THIS IS MY 300TH POST That’s a lot of Harry Styles talk. Let’s try for 300 more!

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    NOLA in a nutshell: the finale!

    The third (and final!) part of this recap series is going to be all about what I wish I would have done and some other photos that I wanted to share but didn’t have a place for. Part one was all about food and part two was all about activities. Catch up first! WHAT I WISH I DID Ride the St. Charles trolley through the Garden District – I was hellbent on getting to see the huge houses in the Garden District. After the swamp tour, we had a little while before dinner so my mom and I decided to Uber over to the Garden District. Our driver was so…

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    NOLA in a nutshell (part two)

    Now that you’ve digested (ba dum dum) part one of my NOLA recap, let’s move on to part two! As I mentioned in my last post, I came to New Orleans for the photo opportunities. I mean, I wanted to have a good time and experience the city too, but food and photos were my top priority. This post is probably going to be photo heavier than the last one. You’ve been warned. WHAT WE DID/SAW Swamp tour – Taking a swamp tour was on my cousin’s list of definites. They offer a speedboat or a normal, not scary boat. We chose the normal boat over the speed boat (sorry, Dez!)…

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    NOLA in a nutshell (part 1)

    Friday marked a week since I got home from New Orleans. I had every intention of getting this post up even before then, but life happened, as it tends to do. Anyway, here I am with a NOLA recap. I was going to break this down day by day, but then I thought against it. When I was searching for places to go, things to do, where to eat, etc. I looked for travel blogs, regular blogs of people who go places, blogs of New Orleans – anything. I couldn’t find much of what I was looking for so I’m going to provide that service for the internet. you’re welcome. We…

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    finding my nola

    Raise your hand if this time next week you’ll be in New Orleans! That’s right, friends! Next week I’m trading the Big Apple for the Big Easy. Four days of voodoo, swamps and all the beignets I could shove in my mouth. I’m going with my mom, my aunt, cousin and one of her friends. We’re already signed up for a cooking class, so if you hear of a fire in New Orleans on Tuesday, it’s probably my dinner. We have lots of fun stuff planned in these 4 short days and I can’t wait to share them with you. My camera is all charged and I’ve already bought two…

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    Blogtober14 Day 21: dream vacation

    Having fun on day 21! Today’s prompt is something that I think about on a pretty constant basis. As usual, I don’t have just one answer. We’re talking about dream vacations today, kids. If I were given an unlimited amount of time and money to go any and everywhere I’d go to: EUROPE: i want to eat pizza in italy, ask big ben for the time, see a senorita (with flowers in her hair) in spain, drink beer in germany, pick a 4 leaf clover in ireland, see the beauty that is prague, buy a beret in france, brush my hair with a dinglehopper at the little mermaid statue in…