a love story, in 11 parts

It’s been a long time since I’ve talked about anything other than my weight loss (up .7lbs this week. it’s fine. shark week started tuesday, NYE dinner was kind of heavy. it will be gone by next thursweigh. hopefully.). I’m sure you’ve noticed and I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself “I wonder what’s going on in Martina’s love life? She…

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screenshots, no chaser #5

I was cleaning out my screenshots folder on my phone and I realized that I had a ton of things (memes) that I meant to share on here. So, before they get too old and irrelevant, if they haven’t already, here are some that have made me blow air through my noise extra hard lately.

screenshots, no chaser #4

Today is one of those days where I’m left to hold down the fort while my co-workers are at an event. Naturally, I am using my time productively to get some work done  pretend that I don’t have to share a computer clean out the screenshot folder on my phone. Some of these are really old, some you’ve probably seen floating…

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screenshots, no chaser #3

I recently dumped my photos from my phone into my Google Drive so what better time than now to share some of my favorites. Don’t worry, I’ve saved to pregnancy announcements and janky wedding pictures for another post (not really, we’ve all seen enough). Thank God for memes, amiright?

screenshots, no chaser

I don’t know how to begin this post so I’ll just get to the meat and potatoes. I got the idea for this post from Jessie. She does screenshot sharing posts often and I think they’re fun so I decided to do one too. There’s no rhyme or reason to any of them, but I hope you enjoy anyway! What…

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