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    wonder(ful) woman

    I finally,  finally got a chance to watch Wonder Woman last night and I have some thoughts. Spoilers ahead, maybe. I’d be v. surprised if I’m not the last person on earth to see this movie. did anyone else tear up during the first big fight scene between the women and the Germans? just me? cool. the whole girl power/girl boss (i know, can we not with that phrase?) just got me. i loved how although there was a bit of a love story, it didn’t take over the whole film. praise be. i’ve said it once, i’ll say it again – Chris Pine looks like a thumb. i now understand why i’m sometimes confused with Gal Gadot. it’s like…

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    bad ass (wonder) woman

    When I went to see (new! live action!) Beauty and the Beast for the first time (didn’t everybody see it more than once? no? oh, OK.), one of the coming attractions was for the upcoming Wonder Woman remake. The previews are my favorite part of the movie going experience because I get to rate them on a thumbs up/thumbs down scale. Thumbs up – I’d see the movie, preferably in the theater, thumbs down – I (most likely) wouldn’t see it, and halfway thumb – which is eh, if I can’t get to the theater, I’ll catch it eventually on Netflix. Anyway, I’m not a superhero movie fan and definitely not…

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    Brooklyn: worth the hype?

    A few posts ago I mentioned that I wanted to link up with Steph and Jana for the Show Us Your Books link up. I missed the last one, but here I am now! finally. I peruse Amazon on a pretty regular basis for new books. I keep a queue on my Kindle and I have a small box of paper books, much to the annoyance of my roommate mother. sorry, ma. #dealwithit I found Brooklyn on Amazon a while ago. The synopsis seemed OK, but I knew I would need to be in a certain frame of mind to read it. I usually read frothy chick lit. I’d apologize, but nah. Anyway, Brooklyn had…

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    Backstreet Boys (to men!)

    This past weekend I finally got to watch the Backstreet Boys movie. FINALLY. I really had every intention to get to a movie theater with my Backstreet lovin’ cousin, Jill and sit back with our barrel full of popcorn and trough of Diet Coke. However, life got in the way and we never made it to a theater playing it. By what could only be explained as an Easter miracle, VH1 aired the movie on Friday. I set my DVR and told Jill to clear her schedule for the following night because I was watching it with or without her. We camped out in front of the TV for the…

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    everybodayy… backstreet’s back! alright!

    GUYS! The long awaited (for me, anyway) Backstreet Boys documentary is finally being released! January 30, 2015 – MARK IT DOWN, AMERICA. February 26, 2016 – MARK IT DOWN, WORLD. I love me some One Direction but the Backstreet Boys will hold my heart forever. They showed me the shape of their hearts and promised they would never break mine. How could I not love them forever? (where do i come up with these things?) So, who’s coming with me?

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    new movie alert!

    Remember when I tried to tell you the “abridged” story of how there was a movie starring Tom Hardy in my neighborhood and how I met him? Well, that movie is finally being released! It’s coming out on September 12th(so soon!) and it now has an official trailer. Want to see it? Look no further: I said in my original post that the movie takes place in Boston but, I was wrong and it in fact does take place in Brooklyn. I totally should have offered him my linguistic accent services. Not that he needs it because he is just… TOM HARDY. Need I say more? I didn’t think so. Speaking of…