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    omg [i’m] back again

    If you were here before this turned into a weight loss/accountability blog, you’d know that I used to talk about things that I was passionate about, like Harry Styles and The Mindy Project. I also used to talk about things I did or events I attended. And when those things combined, you know I was on here for sure letting you know all about it. I hate that opening paragraph and am too lazy to change it. Basically, I went to a Backstreet Boys concert almost two weeks ago and I want to talk about it. Cool? Great. I’ve been a Backstreet fan since the mid-90’s. Despite my mom’s attempts…

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    martina is losing it # 26

    How is it that it’s been over a month since my last general post and even longer since my last weight loss post? I could say I’ve been busy, which, if you don’t look at what I’m doing Monday- Friday from 9a-5p () and only at the weekends, it’s an accurate statement. But it’s not an excuse. I didn’t have a great July, pounds wise. I didn’t gain many but I didn’t lose many either. The month brought a 3.3 pound loss. As I always say, better off than on, but… yikes. August has been OK, so far. I’m down a grand total of 88.6 pounds. Still so very unbelievably…

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    facebook made me do it

    Facebook made me write this post. I didn’t have anything in mind to talk about but then I signed on to that shit-stirring website and saw this: Seriously? Way to make me feel guilty, Facebook. Anyway, I decided to give in and post something for my fans. Except I still didn’t know what to say. I started to feel really bad for myself because i have absolutely nothing going on in my life. So I tried to think outside of the box. Then it hit me. My life might have nothing going on in it at the moment, but other people’s do. People like Zayn Malik and the other boys of…

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    everybodayy… backstreet’s back! alright!

    GUYS! The long awaited (for me, anyway) Backstreet Boys documentary is finally being released! January 30, 2015 – MARK IT DOWN, AMERICA. February 26, 2016 – MARK IT DOWN, WORLD. I love me some One Direction but the Backstreet Boys will hold my heart forever. They showed me the shape of their hearts and promised they would never break mine. How could I not love them forever? (where do i come up with these things?) So, who’s coming with me?