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the ikea of photo canvases

two posts, one month. get excited! (but not too excited because this isn’t THAT kind of post. no one’s getting chocolate ice cream.) anyway, if you’ve been here a while you’d know that every so often, my hard work is acknowledged when companies reach out and want me to write about them or their products. i made a (half assed) resolution last month that i would start exploring ways to actually get paid to write things. (post on that coming soon, maybe) i know that free merchandise is not the same as actual dollars but any time i can place an order and not have to pay for it, it’s a win for me.

i was approached by the nice people at Photowall asking if i would be interested in making a product and then writing about it. they have a huge assortment of prints on canvas and wallpapers. you can chose one of their beautiful designs or you can upload a picture of your own. i love a personalized anything so it was clearly an offer i couldn’t refuse. this was the second time they’ve asked me to do this. having the experience from last time, i knew for sure this was a no-brainer.

this offer couldn’t have come at a better time for me because i had just gone to the brooklyn heights promenade and got some really great skyline/night shots. it was a cold night and we’re still pandemic-ing so it was empty. if you don’t know – the promenade is a walkway that starts in brooklyn heights and ends at brooklyn bridge park (basically. there’s a hill from the promenade to the bridge but for all intents and purposes, that’s where it ends). it’s got gorgeous views of lower manhattan. you can just sit on a bench ant watch the helicopters take off from the helipad all day. it’s positioned over the BQE, which is v. nerve wracking, esp. when dangling a tiny phone over the railing to get THE shot. anyway, bottom line – empty promenade and gorgeous views.

the first time i used Photowall, they had a max size limit. i used the max size for my canvas print. they measure in centimeters since they are based in Sweden, so i quickly googled and found that i was getting an 11×16 canvas. this time, the max was much bigger and even with a few quick googles, my brain can’t compute how big or small anything is. i may have ordered what translated to a 20×30 canvas. it’s really big.

as mentioned, i’ve only ordered canvases from Photowall so i can’t speak for the wallpapers, but this is how the canvases work. Photowall is like the IKEA of photo canvases. as in it’s build it yourself. they print your photo or design on to the canvas, they give you the un-assembled frame, brackets and screws to stretch the canvas yourself. it’s a relatively easy process. the first time i ordered, the canvas came together in about 10 minutes. this time, i won’t lie – it was overwhelming. it was 100% user error. the canvas i ordered was bigger than i anticipated and didn’t have the room i needed to assemble it. the corners of the frame wouldn’t match up and when i tried to put the brackets on, some of the screw holes didn’t line up. this is making the canvas uneven. i have to fix it before i hang it because right now, it won’t hang flush against the wall.

i feel like i should be CRYSTAL clear that my issue was that i didn’t have the room to assemble this canvas. again, because i don’t know how big 32 inches is. i know it’s almost 3 feet but i need that in terms of things that i know. like, if i had to compare it to my cousin’s/friend’s kids, where would it fall? is it taller than Chase? is it a victoria with an enzo on her shoulders tall? a CJ or a CJ and a half inches tall? I DON’T KNOW MATH AND NUMBERS. HELP.

all of this being said, would i use Photowall again? YES! i just need to have a tape measure with me when i order. more importantly, would i recommend Photowall to you guys, my legions of fans? YES! just make sure you also have a tape measure available. i mean, just in case you’re just as measurement challenged as i am. lucky for you, my friends at Photowall have given me a code for you guys to get 25% off of your purchase. i mean, what a deal.

happy creating and building, my friends!

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