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i shoveled snow today.

i shoveled snow today. i shoveled a lot of snow today. i think the actual amount was a fuckton. it definitely felt like that much.

before you say “yea, ok. and?” and click off, i have to explain. first of all – i loooooaaaaaatheeeeeeee the snow. second – we, in the new york tri -state area, just experienced a record setting blizzard. my area got about 15 inches, which i will admit, we’ve had worse. other areas got upwards of almost 3 feet. *gaaaaaag* however, 15 inches is over a foot and i don’t cope well with this.

so why am i writing a whole post about me shoveling and not including pictures because one – i didn’t take any and two – because my blog’s storage is running low and i have already deleted literally years worth of photos from old posts (seriously, go and check 2014-2016 all of my expertly chosen GIFs are gone.)? two reasons. one – because it was ALOT of work. two – it was a serious NSV and i haven’t talked about one of those in a long time. also, i want accolades. *shrugs*

maybe i should clarify – i’ve shoveled snow before. my father used to work upstate and was gone for months at a time. we had a few big storms in that time period and i couldn’t let my mom do all the work. (not that my father is a huge help. “handy” is not a word i’d use to describe him.) usually, i’d push around some snow, make a small half path, make sure a neighbor, preferably one with a snowblower) was around to help and i’d irish exit my way back to my warm couch.

what makes this time different is that i am 95 (remember when i hit 100 but immediately gained 3lbs and can’t get it off/ can’t stop eating?) pounds lighter.

the snow today was wet and heavy. i wore my winter coat and some highly recommended gloves from amazon and my sorel boots. i was drenched when i came in. not from the snow, but from sweat. my legs were shaky and my arms started to hurt about 30mins after i got inside. they’re still a little shaky. i was huffing and puffing trying to throw snow on top of an already huge pile. or, in some cases over the front of my car. i shoveled the top of the car. literally shoveled the roof. i was moaning and groaning when the snowpack wouldn’t break. my heart was pumping, i was drenched and tired, but there was a moment there when i looked around at the steps and the (small) cutout leading to my driveway and the bit on my front walkway and thought “wow, look at what you did”. of course i wanted it all gone already and wished that i could have done more. really, i wished i had a flame thrower to melt it all. throw some salt/ice melt down and move on.

i think all of this just to say – i cannot imagine being in my former body and working the way i did today. my arms are still shaky and my back always hurts but i know how differently i would feel 95 pounds ago. your body is an amazing thing and i always forget that until something like this happens. i’m not here to preach. just a proud moment that i wanted to commemorate and, as usual, save for posterity. take from it what you will.

love you, mean it!

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