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i’m still here!

well, hello you! 


wow, even i didn’t realize how long it’s been. what’s funny is that i thought i’d be a blogging machine during this quarantine. turns out, when even less is going on in your life than usual, it’s hard to think up content. like, what is there to say? then there’s the fact that i have zero drive to do it. i think about it constantly but when it comes time to sit down and do it, there i am on the internet filling my carts on every clothing website with summer clothes that i probably won’t get to wear. or, it’s about to get reeeal fancy* in the warehouse. 

*i bought a few maxi dresses that are totally unnecessary for work.

anyway, my legion of fan (hey, aunt sue!) have been vocal about missing me and my content so here i am! you know, another problem i’ve been having is that i’ve started this post four times already and each time, wordpress doesn’t cooperate. my moira rose GIF above wouldn’t upload, autosave isn’t working. i’m not sure how/ when this will get up, but if you’re reading it then i must have either persevered or sold my soul to some tech devil because it’s been rough in these parts.

so – weight loss update quickly? i weighed in today (well, thursday. it’s taken me forever to get this post up.) and i’m up point seven. but, i ate like an asshole over the weekend and it’s aunt flo’s busiest day so i’ll re-weigh on sunday to see what’s going on. in total, i’ve lost 94.2 pounds, i think. if all goes according to plan, i will come out of this quarantine less than i was going in to it. i’ll take that win! i also changed from the blue plan to the purple plan. i think that bit of info needs its own post so look out for that soon-ish. maybe. listen! i’m trying! 

quarantine update – i’m still working. thank god. i think i owe my weight loss/maintenance to that. and it helps with my roommates parents and i not being at each other’s throats, although lately it’s been a bit dicey. we’ve been lucky through this whole ordeal that we haven’t lost much business. it’s slowed, for sure, but we’re also busier than ever, if that makes sense. i’m hoping come christmas, my bonus envelope is fat like santa’s sack, but if not, i’m always down for a computer upgrade or an interior update. maybe a good cleaning. warehouses are DUSTY! we also need a new air conditioning system in here. i’m not about to sweat all over my quarantine, spend it like you got it, clothes. especially before the outside world sees them!

the one thing i’ve definitely made time for during this pandemic was catching up on my stories. man, i don’t know what i’d do without the 35 streaming services + cable that i my roommates parents pay for. (i’m not a total mooch. i pay for disney plus, cbs all access and hbomax but we’ll get to that one later.) 

as far as movies go, i’ve watched:

second act – jlo, milo ventimiglia, and leah remini. SOLD. it was a little different than expected (not enough milo) but a really cute feel good kind of movie. i love that jlo and leah are bffs in real life. i’ve always said that if they made a movie about me, i’d want leah to play me, if only for her accent. anyway, definitely recommend if you’re in to these kinds of movies. heartwarming, funny, set in new york. there’s even a dance sequence thrown in. i don’t understand why they don’t make more of these. this is what we need! get nancy meyers on the phone! 

won’t you be my neighbor?: i, like everyone else, watched mr. rogers as a kid. was it my favorite show? no. i mean, it wasn’t the worst thing ever, but i lost interest when they would go into the land of make believe or where ever that train went. give me the crayon factory video! give me kitchen crafts! admittedly, i watched this one with one eye on my phone and the other on the TV. i love tom hanks so he wasn’t a problem. it was just… not what i expected …?… except i didn’t know what to expect. i knew it was based on a true story and i knew it wouldn’t show a dark side of mr. rogers. if anything, it showed that he truly was a saint (a designation he hated) among men. i recommend this one too because, why not? it’s not a bad movie, just not what i was hoping for.

little women: i tried to avoid this movie for so long because i thought i was going to love it and immediately become obsessed with it. i don’t think i’ve read the book, and if i have, it was yeeeeeeaaaaars ago. like, i may be been in junior high school and even then, i don’t think i finished it. i’ve also never seen the winona ryder version so i was really going in to this blind. i knew the outline of the story. the march sisters, laury (laurie?) there was the sister that fell through the ice (which was not the sister i thought it was going to be. i could not keep them straight to save my life). the basics. right away, i hated whichever sister florence pugh played. i could look it up, but i’m lazy! she needed a slap in the face. oh em gee. i liked jo (saoirse ronan), as i figured i would. emma watson’s character was ok also. i mean, slightly forgettable? and lastly, the sick one (also the one i thought fell through the ice) i couldn’t tell you anything about. it’s not a dig to the actress or anything, she just wasn’t familiar to me and she was very quiet. she played the piano and minded her own business. god bless. i really fell hard for laury (laurie?), which was TOTALLY unexpected. damn it, timothee. spoiler, maybe: i was so mad that he ended up with florence pugh, and wanted him with jo so bad, but by the end, i …. nah. i never really got over that one. again, i recommend this one because, why not? AND, my fantasy mom, meryl streep is in it so 11/10 stars just for that!

as far as television, i’ve watched:

never have i ever: produced by mindy kaling for netflix, you know i’m here for it. this is about an indian american high school sophomore (junior?) who wants to be cool but the odds are stacked against her. she also has a crush on/wants to have sex with the cutest boy in school (DIDN’T WE ALL?). as she tries to achieve that goal, she gets in her own way and hilarity ensues. it’s not all fun and games though, just like high school. but not handled in a high school-y way. it’s well done. i finished the series in one night. they’re half hour-ish episodes, so it goes quick. i already can’t wait for more. 

zoey’s extraordinary playlist: i didn’t know how i’d feel about a musical tv show. do i really want to have to suffer through a song and dance number every five minutes? ugh. NO (thankfully, they don’t come every five minutes and most aren’t too cringey). but then i realized skylar astin was in it and was instantly sold. sidenote: i just found out he and anna camp got a divorce. like, what? they’re no blake and ryan but, i dunno, man. it just threw me. anyway, i went in to the show the same way my parents used to get me to try new foods “you just have to have it once and if you don’t like it, you never have to have it again. LOL 5 days and 10 (14?) episodes later, i’m hooked. again, this show is more than just what is on it’s surface. it’s not just a singing and dancing show. zoey’s dad is terminally ill and her family is dealing with that. speaking of her family – i’m not sure who here was a fan of the show bones, but her brother is played by the guy who stole all of the guy with the curly hair’s money. polant. he was in an explosion and half his face burned off, yet he was still terrorizing the forensics team in washington dc. anywaayyyy. now in my mind he’s typecast. i will never see him and not mutter ‘pffft. polant.’ under my breath. same with michael emerson, who played that PSYCHO dog killing serial killer, hinks, on the practice. if you know, YOU. KNOW. ooohhh man. i saw him in the village once and almost went up to him to tell him that i still think about hinks often but those episodes are at least 20 years old and i didn’t need him calling the cops on me. moving on. her neighbor/building manager, mo is gay but also… you know what, i’m not sure how to describe mo. for about 3-ish episodes i thought mo was a woman, but they’re not- i don’t think. i mean, it doesn’t really matter because mo is the best character on the show. with the best voice too (sorry, skylar!)  

cbs brought back their sunday night movie and the sunday before last’s movie was titanic. i told myself i wasn’t going to watch it and that i’d seen it no less that 1600 times. ‘just put the lovebirds on netflix and forget about it!’ i told myself (i did also wind up watching the lovebirds and it was cute. again, not 100% what i expected, but it passed the time). but my curiosity got the better of me and i needed to see, after the movie being on for two full hours at that point, where were they? dancing in steerage with the rest of the pleebs? making it count at the main staircase? never letting go? turns out, jack had just taken rose to the stars and the ship was about to hit. we are officially in my least favorite part of the movie. good, i don’t have to watch much more. tell me why i sat there, RIVETED. like i had never seen the movie before. through all of this, i posted on facebook that i was watching and some of my thoughts. i am so not annoying. then it came to me – i should turn that into a blog series. SHOULD. but will i? time will tell! i could watch some of my most loved movies, recap them and pepper in my thoughts. i have to iron out details because i’m talking 90’s classics like mrs. doubtfire and the first wives club. nothing no one has seen before. i’d say to leave some suggestions in the comments, but LOL i haven’t gotten a comment here in years. find me on facebook, instagram or twitter. the link should be somewhere on the right hand side of the page.

this brings me to my next point – hbomax. i signed up for the newest streaming service and frankly, i was excited about it. i sign up for these things for the possibility of rediscovering old favorites and for the (streaming service) originals. they’re eventually releasing a reboot of gossip girl and although none of the originals will be there and it’s going to be updated for the techology/social media of today (versus the blackberries and motorola flip phones with the full button keyboards of yesteryear) i’d probably still watch and become overly invested. well, that’s if i amazon and hbo come to an agreement soon. i stream through my firestick. the hbomax app isn’t available through amazon. figures. hopefully that will change soon and i could get to streaming. if all else fails, i could just use my computer, but ugh. i would much rather watch tv on my tv.

i’m not sure how all of my update posts turn into my tv viewing, but here we are. 

hope everyone is doing well and is staying safe and healthy. i feel like there’s so much going on in the world right now that i should address but i don’t know what to say or how to say it. i am appalled at literally everything. violence against any person or group is deplorable but violence is never going to fix it. there is a very big difference between rioting and protesting. personally, i think the quarantine and the stress of the pandemic has taken those protests and turned them in to riots real quick. we’re all going through A LOT. i’m not making ANY excuses. i feel like a coward just leaving it at that but i also feel like i am not smart, eloquent or informed enough to say much more. just lets be nice to each other, ok?

i’ll be back soon (so long as wordpress cooperates).

love you, mean it.


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