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oh schitt. it’s over.

more technical difficulties! i wrote this a few days ago and tried to schedule it over the weekend to post on monday (yesterday). i’m not sure what was going on but it wouldn’t save, it wouldn’t schedule. a mess. you’re lucky i love you guys and this space and this show or else this would have been tossed in the internet garbage a long time ago.

the day after i posted my last post, i got semi-furloughed. i say semi because i report to work every day and, if today was any indication, i’m getting paid, but we’re closing early and technically i am supposed to leave at 1. that only happened one day this week. i’m not complaining. i have a job. i’ll have a job when this is over (God willing). i’m getting out of the house so i won’t go to jail for murder, always a plus.

honestly, i think i took the ending of schitt’s creek worse than the news of this (semi) furlough. and that, my friends, is what i’m here to talk about today. i only really mentioned the furlough for 1) posterity and 2) that was how i wrote this in my head and it made for a decent segue.

so, schitt’s. i was a late comer to the show but once i fell i fell HARD. i tried my best to savor seasons 1-5 on netflix, but i was so invested that i binged the last few episodes of season 5 around christmas. the last episode made me cry. I DON’T DO THINGS LIKE THAT.

now that i’ve had a few days to process… actually, who am i kidding? i am nauseous over the fact that tuesday is going to come and there will be no new episode. and then the next tuesday will come and there will be, you guessed it… no new episode. ugh. i truly hate when shows i love end. the audacity. anyway, now that it’s been a few days, i could say while the ending wasn’t super perfect (yes, after all the dramatics above and before the very possible dramatics below, i will make that statement), it was damn near close.


in a surprise to no one, david and patrick got married. we knew it was going to happen and knowing that season 6 was going to be the last, we knew it would happen in the last episode. personally, i knew i would not shed a tear at this event because i knew what was coming. the season 5 finale tears were a fluke because woah, was i caught off guard. however, i knew i was going to swoon because if dan levy knows one thing, it’s how to make a swoonworthy moment, god bless him.

so, it’s david and patrick’s wedding day and of course, they can’t get hitched without a … hitch (ba dum dum). there’s thunderstorms, pizza ovens, a missing officiant, and a happy ending. but none of that really matters because from that we get moira in what is quite possibly her best look of the series, we get the jazzagals rendition of precious love (from the barn scene in the season 2 finale) and, most importantly, we get patrick’s vows.i’ve been a mariah carey fan for most of my life, so this next thing means a lot to me. when david and patrick first said ‘i love you’ to each other, patrick told david that he was his mariah carey, which made me smile like a idiot for days afterward. i know i’ve mentioned that here before, but the feeling is the same. I WANT MY OWN MARIAH CAREY! now, it’s time to make vows to each other and what does patrick do? PATRICK sings the chorus of always be my baby. and what does martina do? martina’s hands literally flew up to her mouth, gasped a bit, and promptly melted all over the floor. no tears, lots of melting.

i used to think i watched this show for the one liners or moira’s vocabulary but i think the real reason i watch is the relationship between david and alexis. i’m an only child so sibling relationships fascinate me. like, how could you love someone so much but also hope they get murdered first if a drifter finds their way into your shared hotel room? my favorite moment of david and alexis’s relationship was when david was going for his road test and was anxious about it and alexis, in a way only alexis rose could, told him to stop worrying because in the long run, people don’t care as much as you think they do. (it was an excellent scene all around)  

most of the scenes between david and alexis hold a special place in my heart and the one where david goes to get ready at the hotel and finds alexis in a “white evening gown that happened to come with a tulle headpiece” is high on the list. the wedding had a black and white color scheme and since alexis was walking david down the aisle (could you EVEN?) and david was wearing a black tux on top and black man-skirt on the bottom, it felt natural that alexis would wear white, no? not according to david. i’m going to be honest, i know that the man – skirt is david’s signature style, but i really hoped that he would have worn a regular, sharp tuxedo with pants. call me a traditonalist, but i love a sharp tuxedo.

david and alexis walked down the aisle to the jazzagal’s version of simply the best but before that, they opened with precious love, as i previously mentioned. i loved the season 2 finale because of that scene and that song so the callback was a nice addition. if i were a cryer, i would have laughed through my happy tears as the curtains parted and moira appeared.

is that outfit not PERFECTION? i didn’t know what to expect when it came to moira’s wedding ensemble, but this one exceeded my expectations. i immediately giggled.

is that outfit not PERFECTION? i didn’t know what to expect when it came to moira’s wedding ensemble, but this one exceeded my expectations. i immediately giggled, in such a good way.

since we’re not going in any kind of order here, i wanted to go back to the beginning of the episode where alexis is getting emotional over the wedding and the leaving and all of that. she’s talking to moira about david and moira says “he can be very cruel, but it’s all fear-based, dear, so don’t take it personally.” that might be my favorite line of the series. i love any interaction between alexis and moira. actually, i love any interaction with moira and either of her children.

man, i’m going to miss this show. 

with another one of my favorite shows gone, it got me to thinking – in this age of streaming, how does one insure that i always have access to it? like, what if it becomes unavailable? i get like this about mindy too and it drives me nuts. i don’t mind buying the series, but i don’t even know how that works, honestly. am i even a millenial?

man, i’m REALLY going to miss this show. 

love(d) this journey for me. 

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