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kids are assholes.

i try to keep things light around here. weight loss and witticisms, that’s what’s on the menu. every so often though, i feel the need to talk about things that aren’t so fun and light.

i’m being a little bit dramatic, but i didn’t know how to start this post since it’s a little bit out of my norm. well, my new norm because i used to post things like this – you know, before the weight loss took over. not that it’s a bad thing, i just miss it but can’t seen to get my shit together. excuuuuses, excuuuuuses.

anyway, i saw this story on the news the other day and i can’t stop thinking about it. i posted about it on twitter but that’s my social media of choice when i want to get something out there but don’t really want anyone to interact with it. does that make sense? i only follow a small handful of people i actually know on there so i’m not looking for interaction. i’m not funny enough for a tweet of mine to go viral but damn it, i’ll try.

back to this news story. i saw this the other day and it made me so mad. i was also a bit hormonal so i got a little teary. i’ll leave the video here and then we’ll discuss.

OHHHHHH KAYYYYYY. here we go. first of all – she’s five years old. FIVE. shouldn’t she get a few more years under her belt before she learns that the world is a shitty place and people suck? her little voice yelling for the bus driver damn near killed me. the driver didn’t stop and neither did the kids. listen, my grinch heart has grown some when it comes to children, but i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again – kids are assholes. the bullies in the video are older than the little girl, which for some reason, makes me even madder. why? because let’s just say they have a sibling or a cousin her age, would they allow someone to bully their sibling/cousin? i get that i am an adult and have a much different/mature thought process than that of a seven-year-old (most times) but they have parents, don’t they? their parents don’t let them bully their siblings, do they?

don’t even get me started on the bus driver. you hear a child screaming for your help and you don’t stop? then you hear that same child bawling and you STILL DON’T STOP?


WHERE WAS THE BUS MATRON? am i dating myself? do they have bus matrons anymore? either way – if there was one on the bus, why didn’t she step in? i get that sometimes kids want an adult’s attention for “no” reason. i also know that it is impossible to keep an eye on a bus full of kids, but you hear a little voice yelling “bus driver!” and you can’t peek into the rearview mirror? assess the situation and take appropriate action?

why were there kids from two different schools on the bus? i lived a block and a half away from my elementary school so my only option was to walk to school. my mom tried to toughen me up by 1 – sending me to camp and 2 – sending me to camp on the bus. i cried every morning when i couldn’t find a seat that i didn’t have to share with someone. also, i didn’t want to go to camp. my only other experience with school buses were on field trips and i hated them because there were no seatbelts (the ’90s were a special time) and it always felt like we were part of the “speed” franchise and sandra bullock was at the helm. so basically, i know nothing about how school buses work. i always assumed they were a one school per fleet kind of deal. mixing schools sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.

whenever i see things like this i think of the kids in my life and how i would feel knowing that they were on the receiving end of this. chase is a year younger than this little girl. i look at him and see the cutest, sweetest, smartest, funniest little boy. it would kill me if i knew some other kid was bullying him for his glasses or for being a bit of a weenie (he gets that from me). i mean, his mother would eat them for breakfast – we don’t call her ‘bear’ because she stays calm when provoked. especially when her cubs are involved.

a few years ago, i watched the documentary ‘Bully’ and – hand to God – i wept. the first boy they profiled, the one with the glasses, killed me. there was a scene where he asked the kids who bullied him if they’d be his friend. they told him they were going to stab him with a pencil until he bled. at another point, they told him they were going to kill him.


so, his parents went to the principal (or maybe the assistant principal.. i don’t remember. she didn’t deserve either position if you ask me). she showed them pictures of her grandchildren and tells them all about her plans for the weekend. as she’s ushering them out of her office, i am screaming at the television like i was in the middle of a bar on super bowl sunday and my team just fumbled the ball (pretend that analogy made sense and it fit and i couldn’t have gone any other way but that one).


if i remember correctly, the parents pulled him out of school and homeschooled him until high school. i believe. i remember them saying at the end that he finally found a niche. so maybe they switched his school? he was thriving and that’s all that matters.

i wasn’t bullied growing up. nothing that left any permanent damage, anyway. but

mark my words

if i find out my children are bullies, i swear to Meryl i will bully them right back. tell me i’m wrong. tell me that’s not the way to handle it. I. DON’T. CARE. a lesson will be learned, my friends. we don’t play that game. NOT IN MY HOUSE.

it seems fitting that this will go up on martin luther king, jr day. a man who believed in equality and service and the kindness of others. do you think he would have put up with all this fuckery? i think not!

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