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martina is losing it #25 – stoop talk

GIIIIRRLLLL… it’s been a month. Not in a my life is a whirlwind of activity way, just in a it’s been a month since I last posted. Cool. I briefly forgot I had a blog, TBH. But I do and I’m here now so let’s get started, shall we?

Back in the heyday of blogging, to keep it interesting, instead of just writing rambling paragraphs updating the masses on what’s going on in your life, us bloggers would switch it up a little and write them as if we were having coffee and conversation. I’m doing that today because I feel like it and it’s been a month since I’ve talked to you guys. I think we need some time on the stoop. Grab your cawfee and come sit!

If we were on the stoop, I’d tell you: that I’m down 85 pounds (as of last Thursweigh.). By the time you’re reading this, I will have weighed in again and I’m hoping that’s still true.

hiiii collarbone!

If we were on the stoop, I’d tell you: I’ve noticed more and more lately people wanting to interact with me. This might sound a little bit ridiculous, but I feel like lately, no matter where I am, someone is striking up conversation to me. It’s never a cute (smart, funny, nice, etc.) guy, but maybe that’s for the best because I am so stupidly awkward I don’t know how I survive. Is it my weight loss? Specifically, the vibe I’m projecting? It’s probably nothing and I’m probably looking too far into it. However, we’ve all heard about fat (or black or disabled, etc) people being treated differently because of how they look. *shrugs* just saying. Here’s hoping the next person to strike up conversation is Mr. Right (or even Mr. Right Now)

If we we’re on the stoop, I’d tell you: I’ve been re-watching The Mindy Project and MY GOD I MISS DANNY CASTELLANO.

If we we’re on the stoop, I’d tell you: that my birthday is on Sunday. I’ll be 32. It’s a big one for me because for whatever reason, 32 has always been my “adult” age. Like, your life should be together at 32. It’s like the perfect age. Old enough to do what you want but still young-ish. My life is nowhere near where I thought it would be. Sometimes that’s ok and sometimes I feel like it will kill me if I let the worry consume me. tres dramatique. The magic of turning 30 feels like it has worn off and I’m looking to get it back.

If we were on the stoop, I’d tell you: summer is FLYING. Summer and the Christmas season give me such anxiety because there’s so much to do and no time to do it. There just aren’t enough weekends. Gross.

If we were on the stoop, I’d tell you: Summer is not the only thing that’s zooming. I don’t like to drive. I especially don’t like to drive on the highway. But, bird’s gotta fly, right? I drove all the way to the Jersey Shore (not THAT one, but close) for 4th of July weekend. My family has a house down there and I decided it was time to hike up my big girl panties and go. Nicole and I left early Thursday morning, did the shore thing, and came home early Sunday. Traffic was blessedly light, as I had hoped. It’s something that is not a big deal for most people, but I’m proud of myself. Would I do it 100% alone? No, probably not yet. I’ll get there though.

If we were on the stoop, I’d tell you: that while we were down the shore, I got a henna tattoo. I usually get one down the shore when I go to Bay Village, which is a cute little shopping area that I like to bring my guests to. This year I got a sunflower and some dots and things around it. I had them put it on my wrist. I’m a little obsessed. I don’t have pictures of it because I smudged it a little. Every time I get one, it makes me want a real tattoo. Then, by the time it starts to fade, I’m over it and can’t wait till I have my normal skin back. Rinse and repeat next summer.

If we were on the stoop, I’d tell you that I wore a two piece bathing suit last weekend. My first one since I’m about 3. Better late than never, right?

If I were on the stoop, I’d tell you: I can’t stop shopping. For someone who has no big plans/parties this summer, I sure can’t stop buying dresses. And shoes. And jewelry that I’ll never wear. I truly miss dressing up for work.

If we were on the stoop, I’d tell you that I haven’t been watching regular TV lately; only my Firestick, specifically Youtube. I’d then recommend the Dressing Funny with Tan France on Netflix’s Youtube channel. It’s a good time.

If we were on the stoop, I’d tell you that I desperately need to update my main Spotify playlist but since my radio time is limited during the day, I have no idea what’s new and good anymore. Any suggestions?

If we were on the stoop, I’d tell you how freaking excited I am for the Backstreet Boys concert I’m going to next month. I haven’t seen them since they toured with New Kids on the Block AND it will be the first time I’ll get to see them since Kevin came back! AND the venue has a Weight Watchers stand! Excited is an understatement.

If we were on the stoop, I’d tell you that although I love my visible collarbones, I wish my chin was smaller. I still feel like it’s bigger than it should be at this point. I also hate my arms. I’ve never been this self conscience about them. Thank God sleeves are in.

If we were on the stoop, I’d tell you it’s getting late and as much as I hate to cut it short, I have to go to bed.

Love you, mean it.

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