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2018: a review

Another year in the books, my friends! I hope everyone’s New Years Eve celebrations were amazing and filled with fun and laughter and food and good things. Or with Netflix and hot chocolate and going to bed early, whatever. I’m trying to pre-write this so my NYE hasn’t happened yet. BUT, I will be wearing a tulle skirt and a sequined shirt so it’s already a win.

2018 was kind of… boring for me. Compared to the second half of 2017, it was a snooze. However, for the sake of posterity (which is what I should have named this blog), I wanted to recap what DID happen because it wasn’t all bad.

To get it out of the weigh, I lost 67 pounds this year. I know I just had a whole post on this yesterday, but it was the biggest thing that happened to me, by far. People have asked me what made me start this journey. I’ve said it before here, but here it is again. I was tired. I hated how I looked in pictures. Nothing was fitting right anymore. The vision I had of myself in my head didn’t match what I was seeing in the mirror. I am trying to date and, unfortunately, presentation is everything. I found a few WW instagram accounts and figured “I could do that. It’s time.” Signed up in April and haven’t looked back. Sure, there are times when I wish I could just eat and not care or count anything. It’s not the easiest thing I’ve ever done, but definitely the most rewarding.

I turned 31. Not much to say. Not as exciting as 30; not as final as 32. That’s my “my life should be together by now age.” I have ALOT to do before July.

I watched and celebrated as houses were bought and apartments were rented. Not by me, obviously, but by my friends and cousins.

I awaited the arrivals of babies. One came in December and the other is still cooking.

In January, I had a bit of a breakdown when it came to the dating sites and all of that. I double triple messaged a guy on Bumble and then blamed them for him not answering me back. It was a low point, one that I am truly mortified about. It’s gotten better, my mental state, not the Bumble-ing – that still sucks.

I wore overalls…

…and a sequined cardigan with (faux) leather leggings

..and revisited a bridesmaid dress

I didn’t travel this year and honestly that sucked. I’m hoping for at least a little getaway in 2019. FRIENDS AND FAMILY – let’s figure something out. Boston? Murraland? Mars? Let me know.

I wasn’t as big of a shutterbug as I wanted to be. Hopefully in 2019, I get myself out there and snap some good ones. I need new Facebook cover photo options.

I took selfies

Lots of selfies.

I went to a professional basketball game.

Had many promptu and impromptu photoshoots

And I laughed… a whole lot.

All of that being said and rehashed, I feel like, and I don’t mean this in a Debbie Downer way, 2018 was a sideline year. Like, I watched everyone from the sidelines. Yes, I’ve had major success in my weight loss and for that I am greatful and celebrate myself everyday. Especially at But as far as big things go, it just wasn’t my year. And that’s ok. There’s hope for 2019. Maybe 2018 was the hill that everything needed to roll down to fall into place. Who knows. Maybe I’ll be sitting here on December 31, 2019, on my bed, in my room, in the house I grew up in, hoping for a good 2020. And maybe that will be OK too (umm..?).

Hope this year brings health, happiness, joy, and love to everyone.

Love you, mean it.

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