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martina is losing it #11

Sorry I missed last week and left you hanging.

Did she lose the PMS weight?
Was it really PMS?
Did she fall off the wagon?

Yes/ I assume so/ Nope/Eventually, calm down.

Last week I lost all of the PMS weight and then some. I was down 3.6 pounds, so, for the math challenged out there, that’s the 1.6 and 2 more pounds.

giphy (16)

This week I lost another 2.2 pounds. For those keeping any kind of track, that’s a grand total of 46.5 pounds!

I am soooclose to entering a new decade, one that I can’t remember ever being in. There was a long stretch of time where weighing myself never made it on my to-do list. So, really, even though I was in that 10-pound range at one point in my life, I’m sure, I could not even begin to pinpoint when. Hopefully, I’ll get there next week.

According to my extensive online research, I’ve lost a little bit more than the weight of an elephant’s heart. Personally, I am amazed by those peaceful pachyderms so any similarity between us, I’ll take it. That was kind of weird, but whatever.

giphy (17)

I had a pretty big NSV over the weekend. I went actual shopping. By actual I mean in a store as opposed to online. I went to Lane Bryant because 1) I need new clothes, 2) they offer petites, and 3) their tee shirts are so soft. Not that any of this matters, but, again, whatever. I grabbed a few sweaters and a few pairs of jeans and headed to the fitting room. I didn’t even entertain my usual size, I went at least a size down or better. And guess what – everything fit. The jeans that were two sizes down from my usual size were a little unflattering, but if I was in a real pinch, I could have made them work. I ended up only buying a sweater, but after I switch my closet over for Fall/Winter, and see what I need, it’s on.

I really have to work on taking my time and eating slower. I’ve always been a fast eater and have always pointed a finger at that as a reason for overeating. Lately, I’ve noticed it’s either gotten worse, or it got better for a while and now has gone back to “normal”. I don’t know, but I really need to get that in check. Any tips?

I talked about this the last time but my face WON’T. SLIM. DOWN. Or, not to me, at least. Sometimes, if I’m selfie-ing and I position my head just right, I can see a more defined jawline. But in the mirror, I don’t see it at all. I just thought that 46.5 pounds would warrant a skinny face. *shrugs*

Speaking of a bit of flab, my arms are super jiggly. I can’t tell if it’s regular fat or if it’s the start of extra skin. I’ve already pretty much decided that my gift to myself (or my insurance company’s gift) will be to have any excess skin taken off. My plans for the gym are still up in the air. I feel like gyms are opening everywhere but where is convenient for me. If I never make it to the gym to tone up or if I stroll down the fitness aisle at Target to get some light weights, I want to know that I’m not going to fly away with these wings.

Lastly, I saw this on Instagram. If I keep losing the way I have been, I could lose another 40 pounds by Christmas. I mean, I’d take it but… Could you imagine me losing another 40lbs over this? For a total of about 85 pounds? That’s crazy to me. Also, there’s 16 weeks until Christmas. Time flies.


That’s about it, folks! How have you been?


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