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I’ve been on a makeup buying rager lately. I think it’s a side effect of my weight loss because maybe I’m seeing more results that I actually realize. But, I also have to point a finger at YouTube. Watching beauty videos have been part of my nightly routine for almost 10 years now. Over the years, the faces on my screen may have changed, but the love of makeup is the same.

Since I’m not inconsiderate and would love it if you joined me on my makeup buying joyride, I’m sharing my go-to dealers gurus with you today. That’s what makeup junkies do, right? #friendshelpingfriends

So without further adieu…

I’ve been watching Melissa for YEARS. She was one of the first plus-size beauty gurus that I came across on YouTube. She doesn’t post much on her beauty channel anymore, since she also does daily vlogs on her other channel, HKittyVLOGS, but I felt like I had to include her because if she’s vlogging or makeup-ing, I’m watching.

If you don’t know who EmilyNoel83 is, educate yourself. I mean, where have you been? Emily is an OG guru. She’s been around since the days of point and shoot cameras and overhead lighting. What I like about Emily is that her videos are informative, which comes from her newscasting background, and her love of makeup shines through in each one.

Boys wearing makeup?! *clutches pearls* Girl, please.  Thomas is a recent find for me and honestly, even if his videos were total shit, I’d watch every single one. He makes me giggle. If nothing else, fast forward the video above to when he’s applying highlighter and thank me in the comments. I laughed for 3 minutes straight.

Never in my makeup doing life did I ever sit down in front of my mirror and think “We’re doing dewy today, but not regular dewy, I want to look wet. The wetter the better.” Well, damn it if I didn’t buy the dewiest foundation I could find (Flower Beauty Light Illusion) and some highlighting stick that promises a wet look (Catrice Wet Look stick). All of that to say, if RawBeautyKristi is gonna do a wet look, I’m gonna do a wet look. I really like her full face first impressions videos because the looks she comes up with are really pretty. I’m feeling very influenced.

A boy doing another boy’s makeup?! *clutches pearls and faints*  Ok, Jeffree Starr has been around for ev errrrr. Like, since Myspace. He’s super controversial and because of that, I was like meh, no thanks. Then, I watched a few videos and I found him funny and genuine and I really wanted to just be his friend. Now I find myself saying “oh, hunNee” and “giiirl” all the time. What really sealed the deal for me was Shane Dawson’s behind the curtain kind of series. Go watch it, if you haven’t already.

And there you have it. Will I watch other gurus videos also? Of course. I enjoy MakeupbyTiffanyD, MannyMUA, XSparkage, SamSchuerman (I used to love her daily vlogs too, but she stopped doing them), to name a few.

Who are you go to gurus? BTW, did anyone else see/hear about the new Too Faced Gingerbread  Spice palette? I NEED IT.


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