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When I started my weight loss journey, more specifically, when I started posting updates here, I said this blog wouldn’t turn into a weight loss blog. One, because I feel like all I’m doing is eating and tracking, so what advice do I have to impart? Two, because that’s NOT me. At all. You should know this by now. Fast forward to the last seven* of eight posts being weight loss related.

*there’s another update that will post in about 2 hours. i’m so on the ball, but also I’m next to it.

Don’t worry, this isn’t an announcement saying that I’ve changed my mind.

I just want to say that, in case you haven’t noticed, up on the header section of this lovely blog, there used to be a category section labeled “Rant & Ramble.” It has now been replaced with “Stoop Tawk”. I did that about two weeks ago and haven’t said anything. I figured I’d capitalize on the fact that I was here, writing my upcoming update, that I would introduce the new section.

For pretty much as long as I can remember, as soon as the weather got nice, I would make it a priority to spend as much time sitting on my stoop as I could. What’s a stoop? It’s the steps that lead to the front door of my house. In the South, they have porches and lanais, in Brooklyn we have stoops. Nine times out of ten, it’s Nicole and I on the stoop, but everyone is welcomed. On the stoop, anything goes. Shit talking, complaining, worrying, laughing, figuring stuff out, social media stalking, any and everything.

A few months ago I was ready to overhaul this whole blog, rename it either The Stoop or Stoop Tawk and move on from there. I didn’t for two (and a half) reasons. 1& 1.5) I didn’t know how and I don’t have the patience to figure it out. 2) This blog is my (often neglected) child. I felt like I was throwing it away. I treat it badly enough by not promoting it and writing on it the way I should, I’m not going to just change everything midstream.

So, long story not so short, Rant & Ramble is now Stoop Tawk. Since anything goes on the stoop, that’s where you’ll find everything I’m bitching about, celebrity talk, favorites, rambles, life/weight updates.

Hmm. maybe it IS time to change the whole blog.

Who knows? But for now, come join me on the stoop!


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