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live colorfully.

Robin Williams

Joan Rivers

Princess Diana

Kate Spade

These are the four celebrities whose death hit me like a ton of bricks.

Ever since I got back from San Francisco (almost a year ago – WHAAT?), I said, to anyone who will listen, that as dramatic as it may sound, I felt Robin Williams’ spirit all through the city. I often wonder what he and Joan Rivers would have to say about what’s going on in the country these days. I miss them more than I probably should miss people I’ve never met. Princess Diana was the first and only celebrity I cried for when they died.

And now for Kate Spade.

I pride myself on being a child-like adult. I pay bills and I have a job but I also believe in magic and whimsy and that no outfit or room is complete without a little sparkle. Every time I have to put together a special outfit I ask myself “What would Kate Spade do?” Or “how do I make this look more Kate Spade?” At its inception, I tried to make this blog look worthy of the brand. Kate Spade (the brand) is/was my aesthetic. Kate Spade the person was my inspiration.

She inexplicably reminded me of the 90’s. Weird, I know. Maybe it’s something to do with Carrie Bradshaw somehow. I’m not sure, but I can say that anything that reminds me of the 90’s is aces in my book.

Sometimes you don’t realize how much a person affected your life until they aren’t in it anymore – celebrity or otherwise. I felt this way with Prince and now with Kate. As I write this, I’m thinking of my collection of bags. My first bag was the one I was carrying when my father was in the hospital. I found it recently and saw that I still had the bottle of Purell he made me steal in there. Then there’s the one that I won at a church fundraiser. I wanted it so bad because it went perfectly with a dress I was planning on wearing to a wedding. When my name was called I let out such a scream you would think Harry Styles just walked in. Then there are the pieces that got away, like the simple black wallet with the yellow taxi on it. So simple. So New York. So Kate Spade. (also so unavailable. if you come across one that isn’t $5837620 let me know.)

“She leaves a trail of glitter everywhere she goes” is in my bio on instagram. Kate’s little quotes always transport me to a perfect Gossip Girl New York filled with socialites and parties; champagne and dancing all night. I like to pretend that I am that carefree socialite who’s a mix of Blair Waldorf and Holly Golightly. She’s kind of a hot mess, but smart and witty with great hair and perfect lipstick. She always knows the right thing to say and most importantly, she doesn’t take herself too seriously.


I could go on for days about things I love about this brand, and by association, its designer, but to wrap it up I feel like I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the #missadventure series on Youtube. The first one featuring Anna Kendrick is my favorite. Again, I imagine that in a perfect world, it would be me getting locked out of my New York brownstone, (probably on the upper east side) after a shopping spree at Kate Spade but before a holiday party, being forced to sip champagne and take selfies wearing every one of my new clothes and then finding out Iris Apfel is my neighbor. A girl can dream.

The brand’s motto is Live Colorfully. My advice? Take that literally. Be bright and bold. Stand out. Life is too short to be a rain cloud. I am making a conscious effort to take my own advice – why do you think posting has been scarce lately? I kid, I kid.

My thoughts and prayers go out to her family, most especially her daughter. What a tragedy.


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