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scratching the makeup itch

I don’t wear makeup to work much anymore. Lately, I’ve been getting the itch, but then I realize that I could put off getting out of bed for an extra 20 minutes if I don’t scratch it.

I was trolling YouTube, as I do to live vicariously through people who don’t go to work looking like they were hit by a truck on their way in, and I found a beauty survey and thought that I’d fill it out here. Maybe help to scratch the itch.

1. How often do you wear a full face of makeup? (foundation, eyeshadow, contour… THE WORKS) More often than not, if I’m doing my makeup, it’s a full face. Even when I tell myself to not go overboard. Especially when I tell myself to not go overboard.

tenor (5)

2. Is your everyday makeup look more neutral or more colorful? I love a neutral eye and a bold lip. So, of course, both.

3. How long does it take you do do your go-to makeup look? I could slap it on in about 20 minutes or I could stretch it to an hour. Depends on how well my time management skills are working that day.

4. Do you apply your foundation before or after you’ve done your eyeshadow? Before. I know you’re not “supposed” to or whatever but my face, my rules.

tenor (9)

5. What are some “bad” makeup habits you have that you can’t stop doing? When I attempt any kind of liner, I pull my eyelid taught. I also tend to forget to moisturize sometimes.

6. Do you use beauty influencer techniques or your own techniques to apply your makeup? I’ve watched so many beauty videos on YouTube that I’m sure I’ve picked up some tips and tricks along the way.

7. What is the one step in your makeup routine that takes the longest to complete? Probably eyeshadow because it always gets out of hand quickly. I always either blend too much or not enough.

tenor (6)

8a. What is one step in your makeup routine that you’re okay with skipping? My brows. I added them to my routine not too long ago and even though I like how they look when they’re filled in, they’re naturally full enough to not have to do them so if I’m pressed for time, they’re the first to go.
8b. What is one step in your makeup routine you will never skip? When I do a full face, probably blush because I never feel like my foundation is the right color so I feel like it balances it out.

9. What type of makeup looks are out of your comfort zone? Anything editorial or too colorful. I love a bold lip but not so much the crazy colors like green and yellow.

10. Do you wear matte liquid lipstick, cream lipstick, gloss, or a mixture? Either matte liquid lipstick or cream lipstick. I don’t usually wear gloss because it’s a magnet for crumbs and hair. It is also 10/10 will not stay on your lips.

tenor (8)

11. If you could only wear one shade of lipstick for the rest of your life what would it be? Just one? Yea, right I love NARS Velvet Lip Glide in Bound, The NYX Lip Lingerie line, The Kate Moss for Rimmel 001 (it’s a great red), More Better from Colourpop, oh man so many.

12. Do you highlight and contour your face? I try to.

13. What is the one step in your makeup routine that makes you feel the most complete? Mascara. I love a strong lash.

tenor (7)

And that’s about it. If this survey tickles your fancy and want to do it too, leave your link in the comments! (do bloggers actually do these anymore? probably not. i usually hang on to things muuuuch longer than i should. whatever.)

Have a great weekend!


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