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A few weeks ago I came home from work and found a package waiting for me. Due to a recent online shopping spree, my roommates weren’t entirely convinced that I had no idea where this box came from.

giphy (29)

Anyway, when I checked the return address to see if it could jog any memories of where I might have clicked the check out button while half-asleep, I noticed it was from the good people of Esqido!


Well, my first surprise PR package. Po-Tay-To, Po-Tah-To.

ICYMI, Esqido reached out to me late last year and sent me a couple of sets of their beautiful mink lashes to try. I loved them and hoped they would think of me again. Now, here we are.

I opened the box like a kid on Christmas morning. Here’s what I found.

Introducing the new Esqido Unisyn Better Together lashes!


Inside this box are three sets of their new Unisyn lashes and another tube of their Companion lash glue. The lashes are synthetic (and just as beautiful).


Admittedly, I haven’t had the chance to really play around with them so I don’t have any pictures with them on. However, I can say they are just as light and just as comfortable as the original mink lashes. The only problems I had were, for some reason, I couldn’t get them to follow the shape of my eye as easy as the mink ones. The bands are made from the same cotton so it definitely wasn’t that. I think it was user error, seeing as I’m impatient and want to succeed at things on the first try, but I figured I would note it, just in case. The other thing I noticed was that even though I was super careful, I noticed that as I was repositioning the lash, trying to get it on, two of the “hairs” came off the band. If you’re looking at the lash, you can’t tell where they came from, but again, I figured it was worth mentioning since I was being very careful not to pull or fuss too hard.

These lashes, as I’ve said before, are synthetic but they are not your average Ardells (no offense, Ardell and Ardell lovers, these just work better for me). I say that because of one, the cloth band and two, the tips of the lashes fade to brown, making them suuuuper natural. These are the Bread & Butter lash, which is the most demure lash of this set. I still have to do some playing, but I think these lashes are shorter than my natural ones #humblebrag so if anything, I could use them to add a little volume.


Please excuse the background and my unpainted, janky nails. I broke my thumbnail while peeling an orange and had to basically cut the whole finger off. That’s the last I time I try to be a little healthier.

Now for the fun stuff. To celebrate the launch, Esqido has put together some great deals for the new Unisyn line. They also have given me a code to share with you for an extra discount on these items as well as the other items on the site!

unnamed (2)

Before I share the code with you, I should mention that if you use it, I get a portion of your sale. You don’t have to make a purchase with it, but if you do, that’s great! And thank you! Also, although the lashes above were sent to me for free, I am not being paid to write this post.

The new Unisyn lashes retail at $22. There are 10 different styles to choose from. I’ve seen them and let me tell you, they’re beauties. I know I keep calling them that, but they really are. I also recommend the Companion lash glue, if for no other reason that it doesn’t smell like lash glue (you know the smell I’m talking about).

My code is martinac so go and take a look! Remember, the launch promo is while supplies last so if you like something, jump on it!

It was great working with Esqido again and hope they’ll continue to think of me in the future!


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