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jawlines over storylines

I’ve been really catching up on my movie watching lately. Today’s much-delayed movie conversation is going to be about Dunkirk.

My feelings were very love/hate.


  • Tom Hardy
  • the cinematography
  • the chiseled cheeks and strong jawlines


  • everything else

hate is a strong word. thoroughly disliked is more like it.

I only watch war movies for the men in uniform. Pearl Harbor? Josh Hartnett. Black Hawk Down? Josh Hartnett. Dunkirk? Tom Hardy & Harry Styles (Fionn Whitehead is a strong runner-up, but he’s barely out of diapers.) Apart from that, I usually depend on the fact that there will be a love story or a bromance to keep things moving.


I know, I know, Dunkirk was a true story that really didn’t call for a sweeping romance thrown into the mix. But here’s the thing – before this movie came out, I never even heard of the evacuation of (to?) Dunkirk. Blame it on the NYC public school system, blame it on not being a huge history buff, the fact of the matter is I needed a bit of a backstory. It really didn’t help that there was almost no dialogue either.

That being said, the movie was beautiful. The water was crystal clear, the troops were choreographed, the jaws were chiseled. Christopher Nolan sure did have a “type” for this movie. Mark Rylance and Peter and George broke my heart, in a good way. The fighter plane scenes confused me because all of the planes looked the same so, for most of the movie, I was wondering why Tom Hardy was shooting at his partner. But still visually stunning.

Can we talk about Harry Styles?


I know I’m one for the dramatic but seriously. First of all, I didn’t realize how big of a role he had. Everything I heard/read said that he was a goner and yet, *spoiler alert* he makes it home. I mean, did anyone else’s heart break with this part

Blind Man: Well done, lads. Well done.
Alex: All we did is survive.
Blind Man: That’s enough.

And then Harry Alex’s subsequent complex about everyone hating them for being rescued.

And when Alex pronounced George dead?

giphy (28)
…i just realized what i did there. whatever, i’m leaving it #ripgeorge

And, hello? When they took shelter in the boat and Harry figured out that Gibson was not one of them and called him a “fooking frog”?


I would say it’s time for a rom-com from Mr. Styles, but I don’t think I’d be able to handle it, personally.

Now, Tom Hardy. He spent most of the movie with his face covered and wound up getting captured and still I swoon. This is why he gets paid the big bucks (but hopefully not more than his female co-star, of which there were basically none in this movie, save for a few nurses, who no one thought to save when the big ships were bombed)


Bottom line: I could have done with more of a story, something to really follow, but for what it was I found Dunkirk to be a mercifully not gory, visually pleasing, boy movie.

Time to watch This Means War and pray for Tom and Harry to sign on for a few lovely rom-coms. ugh. my heart.

Did you see Dunkirk? What did you think?


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