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wonder(ful) woman

I finally,  finally got a chance to watch Wonder Woman last night and I have some thoughts. Spoilers ahead, maybe. I’d be v. surprised if I’m not the last person on earth to see this movie.

  • did anyone else tear up during the first big fight scene between the women and the Germans? just me? cool. the whole girl power/girl boss (i know, can we not with that phrase?) just got me.
  • i loved how although there was a bit of a love story, it didn’t take over the whole film. praise be.
  • i’ve said it once, i’ll say it again – Chris Pine looks like a thumb.
  • i now understand why i’m sometimes confused with Gal Gadot. it’s like looking in a mirror.
me and the blue-eyed thumb.
  • i also loved how even though his actions helped her, Steve didn’t swoop in and save her. she did that her damn self, thankyouverymuch.
  • it may sound dumb because i know he’s *spoiler* dead but, i hope that going forward, they find a way to bring Steve back. One because I like the way he and Diana work together and two, thumb head aside, i can certainly appreciate them baby blues Chris Pine has.
  • i liked how when all was said and done and the team, or most of it, was back in London, celebrating their victory, Diana was not destroyed over *spoilers* Steve’s death. Obviously, he has a place in her heart, but she’s not destroyed over losing him. She’s got shit to do and a world to save/protect. (let’s see how this plays out in #2)
  • i don’t know how to feel about Diana constantly going against Steve and inserting herself where he told her not to be (it was kind of annoying, honestly). granted, it always worked out and maybe he overreacted by never “letting” her do what she felt was right but on the flip side, believing she’s an otherworldly deity, is a little far-fetched for a mere human. So, even though he probably should have started to loosen the reigns a bit after her performance on the battlefield, cut him some slack.
  • did anyone else notice where the package with the glass “negative”(which isn’t really a negative but suspension of disbelief and all that jazz) came from? Bruce Wayne. BATMAN. I love a good callback.
  • this movie couldn’t have come at a better time. the message of love conquers all, the powerful, smart, compassionate woman at the forefront. perfection.

Thank you, Patty Jenkins. Can’t wait for the next one!




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