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thursday thoughts: they’re all over the place.

It’s Thursday and I have thoughts.


the fact that I don’t look or sound remotely like her is rude, annoying and frankly, a little insulting. she’s just so pretty, her voice is amazing, she’s dated Wilmer Valderrama AND a Jonas brother (not the one I would pick, but either way). I would take a week of being Demi’s doppelganger. Just long enough to do a duet with Harry. And maybe see Nick Jonas naked.

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Elle and Blair, where did you go? Elle was one of the first YouTubers I got invested in. I found Blair kind of annoying, honestly. Either way, they’ve been MIA from the YouTube bubble. With all of the reboots happening lately, maybe YouTube’s answer to Mary-Kate and Ashley will make a comeback.

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I’m constantly thinking about this show. Tuesday’s episode is no different except instead of thinking about how I need to find a man like Jack or how if Mandy Moore whispers any more, I’m going to have to watch the show with captions on, my thoughts changed to Randall and Kevin and how I would love to have brothers like them. I also want a dad like Jack. I love my father, but he’s no Jack Pearson. Since we’re on the topic, I have more thoughts on Tuesday’s episode. Ready?

  • I need more Kate. I feel like we didn’t get enough Kate pre-Toby. I feel like because of this there were some big missed opportunities for the writers. For example, the first thing on this show that made me cry real tears was when Kate and Toby got drunk and she laid it all out on the table for him about life/ love as a fat woman. I WANT MORE. I NEED MORE. I’ve learned to like Toby but everything happened so quickly between them. I needed Kate to be online dating. I needed her to play hard to get by flirting, not by running away and issuing( if you will) all over the place. I needed Kate to have a best girl friend (who maybe wasn’t 4 pounds, going to the overeaters support group). I don’t know. She’s got all sorts of issues with everything and everyone and I think based on that first monologue she could have went in a (better direction) and maybe more relatable and not so whiny/annoying. hm. no wonder why i see a very small piece of me in her.
  • I don’t really need to see Deja’s story next week. I don’t care about her mother. Either make it so that Beth and Randall get to keep her or move on. Harsh? Probably, but as much as I see where they’re coming from, I feel like again, they could have handled it differently. Like, why not a boy? Maybe one who struggles in school. Or who is anxious like Randall but doesn’t know what’s going on because he’s just a kid and Randall can connect with him that way. You know?


I am in love with this show. I tweeted almost a month ago about it and I stand by my idea.

Of course, as I re-read that I realize it could be clarified a little bit better, but I think you get my drift. I just found out, also on Twitter, that Tom from the first episode and his ex-wife, Abby are not currently together anymore and just like that a little bit more of my hope in true love is out the window.


It sucks, I’m not having any success with it, and I think about it entirely too much. I’ll probably wind up writing another post about all of this eventually. you’ve been warned.

And there you have it. Some of the many, many things that have been floating around my head lately.

Who would you like to be for a week? Did you ever watch the sisters Fowler? What are your thoughts on This Is Us? Would you sign up for Queer Pals for the Straight Gals? Let me know in the comments!


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