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I’ve tried for a week to write this post but I’ve had a very hard time figuring out how to start it. I’ve been waiting for the stroke a genius to hit me, but quite frankly, I’m too excited to tell you guys about this so I’m just going to skip the cutesy intro and jump right in.

Before Christmas, I received an email from Esqido, a false lash company based in Canada. They asked if I would like to try some of their lashes and their glue. Not knowing anything about false lashes, I said “Sure! Send me some!”.

Esqido lashes aren’t your run of the mill falsies. They’re made from genuine mink hair. Which means they’re soft, light and not a harsh black. What really appealed to me was that the minks are not killed for their hair. It’s naturally sourced by brushing and shedding. I tried on a real fur coat once in my life and if I never do that again, it would be too soon.

The holidays happened, a bomb cyclone happened and then these lashes happened. I wanted to wait for the perfect time to try them out so, naturally, I did a full face of makeup to go to Target and for coffee with Nicole last weekend. I mean, it’s a new Target so it’s an event.

Before I show you my before and afters, let me introduce you to these beauties. my flat-lay game is improving if I do say so myself.


These are BFF. I wanted a dramatic lash for the maybe one time a century I have something fun to do. These are nice and full but not overbearingly so. Or at least, I don’t think they’re overbearing. I haven’t tried these yet. A new Target is exciting, sure, but not va va voom lash exciting.


These are Little Black Lash. These are perfect for everyday wear. They look so natural and add just the right amount of kick to your look.


You know how regular lash glue smells like… fish? This one doesn’t. It’s latex free (which must be where that smell comes from) and has a brush applicator, which is great for precise glue placement.

I never, ever thought I’d ever have a need to post a super close up picture of my face so this is kind of freaking me out. ignore my freakishly large pores. Here are my natural lashes.


As you can see, my lashes aren’t too shabby. As a matter of fact, with the right mascara (Essence False Lashes mascara – it’s less than $5!), I could get them to almost touch my eyebrows #humblebrag. But that’s not to say I don’t enjoy a full Kardashian lash.


My left eye has the lash on it and the right doesn’t, for comparison. I guess I should mention that as unskilled as I am with applying lashes, I’m even more unskilled with eyeliner so I didn’t even try to put it on. I really don’t think these lashes need it. The band is thin enough that if you place it right, it blends nicely. I should also mention, I read/watched a few other reviews when I was waiting for them to arrive and everyone said they trimmed the lashes to fit their eye. I didn’t trim mine because I think my eye space is big enough to accommodate. Also, I was afraid to ruin them.


I’m wearing Little Black Lash.

Right off the bat, I noticed they were a lot less annoying than regular lashes. Esquido lashes have a cotton band which makes them much easier to work with than the normal plastic band. Also, whenever I try to use normal lashes, I usually get them on and want to rip them right off. That didn’t happen with these. They don’t weigh your lid down, which I totally appreciate. It took me 3 tries to get the left one on and 4 tries for the right. For me, that’s pretty good. I also used a teeny tiny bit of the Tatcha cleansing oil to get some of the glue off inbetween tries.


After Target, the walk back to the car was abnormally windy and cold. For a second, I thought I lost a lash, but when I checked in the car, they didn’t budge. I was fussing over them every so often, so I knew they were there and felt them a little on my eye. Like I said before, it wasn’t the normal, weighed down eyelid feeling. When I was paying attention to them, they felt almost tickly. When I finally let them just be, I realized that I didn’t feel them at all. I’d imagine that with some application practice, I could get them on, leave them alone and forget they’re there.

When I got home, I carefully peeled them off and put them back in the box. The only thing I didn’t like about the packaging was that it wasn’t labeled “left” and “right”. That may sound ridiculous, but sometimes I don’t pay attention. I’ve been known to put my shoes on the wrong feet, so imagine eyelashes. They’re good for about 25 uses, with the right care. That being said, they don’t come cheap. They run between $24-$96. An investment for sure, but one that’s well worth it. I would rather buy one pair of these than 5 pairs of the drugstore kind, for comfort alone. But that’s just me.

I am so glad I got to try out Esqido Mink Lashes. I’m in good company. Gigi Hadid and Karli Kloss were seen wearing them too. It’s like I’m an honorary member of Taylor Swift’s squad. #goals.

Esqido sent me these lashes for free in exchange for my honest opinion. I am not being financially compensated for this review. However, if you want to try these beauties out, click here and you’ll get $5 off your order (and so will I!)

What do you think? Worth a try?


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