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bad ass (wonder) woman

When I went to see (new! live action!) Beauty and the Beast for the first time (didn’t everybody see it more than once? no? oh, OK.), one of the coming attractions was for the upcoming Wonder Woman remake. The previews are my favorite part of the movie going experience because I get to rate them on a thumbs up/thumbs down scale. Thumbs up – I’d see the movie, preferably in the theater, thumbs down – I (most likely) wouldn’t see it, and halfway thumb – which is eh, if I can’t get to the theater, I’ll catch it eventually on Netflix.

Anyway, I’m not a superhero movie fan and definitely not one for comic books. I mean, the only reason I saw the last Batman movie was because Tom Hardy was in it. I checked out after Marion Cotilliard shanked him in the bank. #spoileralert. So, the Wonder Woman trailer came on and immediately I was Team Thumbs Down. By the time it ended, I wanted to see it right then and there.

It was all about #girlpower and bad ass women. I got a little choked up, actually, which kind of says a lot. I always dream about the day I grow up to be a bad ass woman and this movie gives me hope.

With the absolute nonsense going on in Washington, where it’s been decided that having a vagina is basically a pre-existing condition (breathe, Martina), I figured I would share the trailer so that we can all enjoy and celebrate the badassery together.

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