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britney never after

It’s late and I have to go to bed, but not before I get this off my chest.

Lifetime – what the hell, man?

I’ll accept the travesty that was Beaches. And that one cut me to the core. But this Britney Ever After trainwreck? ABSOLUTELY NOT.


I don’t know who’s running the show over there but I think their position needs to be re-evaluated.

Britney Jean Spears is an icon. AN ICON I TELL YOU!

Has she fallen from grace a bit? Sure. I’m not as big of a fan as I was back in the day. Does that change the fact that she WAS pop culture from 1998-2003? Nope. I stop it at 2003 because, in my opinion, that was her prime time. After that, Kevin showed up and she faltered, then we all know what 2007 brought. So I’m sticking with 2003.

One sign that you should have paid attention to that this movie should not have been made, or at least shelved until the right time, was that you obviously didn’t have the rights to any of her music. Considering she’s a singer, this would have helped. Ok, so you “worked around” that issue. Surely since you don’t have to worry about the music, you’ll ace the costumes, right?

louie nope.gif

She kissed Madonna wearing white lace lingerie with white lace gloves and pearl necklaces. Not some satin tube top number. UGHHHH. Also, the denim outfit was a dress, not a jumpsuit. COME ON. EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS.

Speaking of Justin (sort of), what the hell were they thinking? A dance-off to end the relationship? Not likely. Does Lifetime not realize how important this relationship was to millennials? They still love each other, they’ll come to their senses one day. sorry, jessica biel.


I don’t buy her texting Kevin for a divorce, but given the storm that was coming, I wouldn’t put it past her.

Britney was Queen of the VMAs, hands down. By all means, Lifetime pay this fact no attention. Dark performances, that pesky music issue, THE COSTUMES (sorry, i can’t get over this.)

They didn’t even mention Crossroads, not that I was fully listening.

If Britney doesn’t sue, Felicia surely should.

All of this being said, I truly feel bad for the actress that plays Britney. I don’t know why I just do. It’s her first big role and it’s getting trashed on Twitter. I’d be devastated. Hopefully, she’ll land herself a CBS sitcom.

I have to go to bed now. My childhood is hurting.

Did you watch? What did you think?


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