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thank you for being a(n internet) friend!

If you’re reading this as soon as I get it posted, then I’m sorry for being kind of late. If it’s tomorrow morning or later already, then where were you?

I noticed on Twitter that today is Internet Friends Day. So, I’m here to celebrate you! Quite frankly, I would have given up this space a long time ago if it weren’t for the people who read, comment, share, like my posts. Well, those who do that and who I don’t know in real life. Hence, internet friends.

Thank you for liking my tweets, following my Facebook/Bloglovin’ and double tapping on my Instas. Thank you for allowing me to do the same. I could be a real creep sometimes. Thank you for not making me feel like a dork when I leave a comment.

I’m what they call a “perfect blogger”. I post regularly, I have fun, thought-provoking, well-written content. I share that content on all forms of social media. I always know what to say and how to say it. I don’t harp too much on a certain topic, I don’t overuse gifs or commas. AND I’M NOT SARCASTIC. AT.ALL.¬†Perfection is something that one must work on so if I had to pick one thing that I could work on, it would be commenting on other people’s posts. What (I think) I’m trying to say is, if I comment on your posts fairly regularly, you’re in my blog tribe. My blog besties, if you will.

This is where I’d insert pictures of us doing fun things together if I had any. But I don’t so I’ll just leave this here. And, if you’re so inclined and want to photoshop me into a picture with you (or vice versa), send it to me and I’ll add it here later.I’d do it but I’m lazy and not that talented.


Anyway, here’s to all of you! Thank you for being a(n internet) friend!

i know this post makes sense in a “technical” way, but i also know what i said didn’t match what i wanted to say and it, to me, came out a little thrown together. i’m not going to stress over it because it’s late. even though i love you guys, there’s always next year.



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