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comedy is comedy and i’m here to laugh

If you’ve been here for a while, you know that Lisa, Jessica, Nicole and I have a tradition of going into the city at Christmas time to see the lights, tree, windows, or at the very least, for dinner and drinks. Last night, our schedules allowed for us to get together and uphold this.


Nicole works on the Upper West Side so we made the trek and met her up there for dinner. After we ate, we walked Nicole to the train station because she had to go to work today so she made good decisions and went home. Jess, Lisa and I made our way to the Village to go to a comedy show.

The show was late and we were early, so we hung out for a little while and before we knew it, it was time to line up and go to our seats.

The show was at The Village Underground. This place is basically Mecca of the New York comedy scene. Actually, the Village, in general, is the Mecca of the New York Comedy scene. The walls were lined with pictures of every great comedian who has ever graced their stage. Seinfeld, Rock, Chappelle. Oh my!


We sat down, ordered our two items to meet the minimum, and waited for the show to start. It was a boys club last night, which kind of made me feel very retro. Kind of loved it, kind of felt weird by it. But comedy is comedy and I was there to laugh.

Each comedian had either had their own special on Comedy Central or is on TV in some capacity. As a matter of fact, when I got home I turned on my television and Comedy Knockout was on TruTv. One of the comedians I had just saw not an hour before, was on the show, so that was cool. Also on the ticket were Michael Che (SNL), Ari Shafir, Andrew Schultz (Guy Code), Ardie Fouqua (idk, sounded familiar) amongst other amazing comedians.

They have a strict, strict no pictures, videos, matter fact just turn your cellphone off policy so you’re just going to have to believe what I say next. There were no one but two special guest comedians last night. Want to guess who they were? I’ll give you a hint. The first one is a jack of all trades, Master of None.

If you guessed Aziz Ansari, you’d be… CORRECT! Apparently, he’s looking into getting back in to stand up so he was trying out some new stuff. This is where, had I been allowed to take pictures, I would include one of him on stage in his gray sweater with a lemon on it, but you’ll just have to picture it.

The second surprise guest I don’t have a hint that will rival the creative-ness of the last one so I’ll just tell you. It was Louis CK. And, again, had I been allowed to take video, this is where you’d watch him tell the crowd why suicide is a viable option in most situations. Instead, I’ll just leave the fact girl clip from his show, because, why not? And because I kind of love it.

sidenote: he wore that exact outfit last night.

A piece of advice: if you want the chance to see really great (famous) comedians for just a cover charge and a two-item minimum (Diet Coke – $3.50, basket of fries – $4.00 – CHEAP) go to the latest show that you can get into. The big names “stop by” at the later shows. Jessica’s husband saw Robin Williams that way. So, worth it.

The show let out at about 1:45am so it was time to hail a cab and go home. My face needed to be washed and my eyes needed to rest.


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