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oh, go google yourself!

We all do it. It’s perfectly natural. Some people do it daily, some only feel the need occasionally. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes a total disaster.

I’m talking about Googling yourself, ya pervs.

Every so often, after I’m finished stalking everyone I went to high school with, former flames new fiancees, and people who look vaguely familiar, I head over to the Google and type my name in.

giphy (9)

As Google loads, I’m always silently praying for a scandal. Not a huge one, just one like

Harry Styles rumored gal pal, Martina Cziraky, is seen leaving his NYC hotel looking comfortably rumpled. Martina is a [wildly successful] blogger from Brooklyn and has been quoted admitting she thinks about the kind of accent her and Harry’s children would have.

and this is why i shouldn’t have a blog. or be allowed on the internet.

10 out of 10 times, there isn’t a scandal. What comes up, you ask? A bunch of random crap.


I have so many questions. First, why doesn’t my Facebook page come up first? I’ve had and been active there for much longer than Twitter. Second, why is nothing in any kind of order? I haven’t used LinkedIn in I can’t tell you how long.


Luckily, the nice people at* sent me some tips on how to Google yourself. Let’s take a look and try again.


Ok. This time I’m going to type in my blog’s name. I’ve seen those message boards about the Youtube gurus and they are vicious. Let’s see if I’ve reached that stage of notoriety yet.

google blog

again, disappointing.

I signed myself up for Google alerts so I’ll be ready for the tabloids and the catty message boards when they do pop up.

The good news is, according to Google, I am who I say I am. No catfishing here! The bad thing is, the deeper you search, the more embarrassing I become. Like the time I left an Amazon review on a DVD of a live action Snow White that I used to watch as a kid.


Not to mention the whole Myspace period.  let’s just not go there.

What comes up when you Google yourself?

*Reputation Management reached out and asked me to write this post. I am not being compensated. All searches are real because I can’t make this stuff up.





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