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late thanks

*ignores the fact that i haven’t posted in two weeks even though i had every intention to. also ignores the fact that all of the posts i had written in my head are long forgotten so we’ll just pick it up from here.

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Mine was super chill, filled with family, food and football. SO. MUCH. FOOTBALL. I love to complain, as we all know, but I also have a lot to be thankful for this year. I’ll list some because, why not? You don’t have to only feel gratitude on the last Thursday of November. The last Wednesday works also.

new music from bruno mars – I’ll admit – at first listen I was a little disappointed in 24k Magic. Why? Well, first of all, it’s only 9 songs. WE’VE WAITED 4 YEARS, BRUNO. Second, I love a Bruno ballad and, for me, there isn’t one on this record. Versace on the Floor comes close, but meh. After giving it a few good listens, I’ve come around to it and am really feeling the 70’s/90’s vibe. In reality, I’ll take pretty much anything that pint size Polynesian (he’s not even Polynesian, but he’s from Hawaii and it’s alliterative; it works. he’ll forgive me, i’m sure.) puts out.

this little face-


I want to bite it, ice cream and all.


kris jenner- hear me out. I never paid any attention to the Kardashians until one lazy Sunday afternoon when I fell head first into a Kardashian marathon. Do I think some things they do/say are ridiculous? Sure. Can I stand Scott’s “Lord” phase? Absolutely not. However, it’s like those anti-smoking commercials – you don’t want to watch but you can’t look away. I’ve chalked it up to this – I’m an only child and, quite frankly, sibling relationships fascinate me. Is that weird? Like I care. Anyway, without Mama K, there would be no Kardynasty.

the men and women in uniform – military, police, fire department, sanitation- anyone who keeps me and my loved ones healthy and safe, I’m all about them. I’ve said it before but it’s worth saying it again – they do jobs every day that I couldn’t handle for an hour.

people who are nice to receptionists at the doctor’s office – *ahem* they just make the day easier and more pleasant.

this blog- if you’ve been here for a while, you know that I started this blog because I needed to start something and see it through to the finish. I needed to find a passion. Thankfully, I kept with it and can say that it worked. I love writing on here, taking pictures for my posts, being part of the blogging community. It might not seem like it, especially when I take two week plus breaks for no reason, but I truly love this, being here with you guys.

I’m grateful for all of these things and so much more. like, tons more.

What are you thankful for?



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