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wanna go for cawfee?

I was going to do a regular “I’m alive, just lazy” posts but then I saw a coffee date post and I figured that would be more fun than just me saying how busy I am except we all know that’s a lie.

So, wanna go for cawfee?

If we went for coffee, I’d need you to leave judgment at the door. I mean, if we hang out in general, you shouldn’t bring it with you either, but more so if we’re doing coffee because I hate small talk so if something is bothering me, I’m jumping right in. Because of this, I need to know that I can say what I need to say and you’ll answer/give me advice and then we’ll move on. You won’t go home and call all your friends and tell them that I’ve lost my mind.

That being said, if we went for coffee, I’d tell you that I was disappointed in the Impractical Jokers Nitro Circus Live Finale. I’d also say that I really like that show and how I’m already counting down to February when it comes back for season 6. I’d also tell you about my big, stupid, multiple heart eye emoji crush on Sal, i mean if you haven’t guessed from reading my last few posts. And how I’m still not totally over not meeting him at the comedy show last month. See why I need you to leave your judgment at the door?

I’d complain that this is why I’m single, forgetting momentarily that I’m not alone in that boat. I’d whine that all I want right now is someone to get excited over and for that person to get excited over me. Then I’d probably get self-conscience and change the subject.

We’d figure out what TV shows we have in common and then dissect them. Like, what the heck is going on with The Mindy Project? Did Danny even really exist? Where did he go? And how good is This Is Us? I know, amazing.

I’d ask if it was just me or is the Christmas push a little ridiculous this year? Hallmark started their all-Christmas movies, all the time before Halloween, Sirius already turned the Love station to Holly, the (sad) commercials are coming back. Did I miss something? I love Christmas, but pretty soon we’ll be decking the halls in August, if not sooner.

Speaking of Christmas, the holiday section at Target has the prettiest/cutest wrapping paper. I’d tell you how I want to buy all of it but in actuality, I’m probably getting everyone on my list gift cards.

I’d tell you how obsessed I am with this song.

I’d tell you how I can’t wait until Bruno Mars’ album comes out on November 18th.

I’d tell you how I’ve been feeling uninspired and blah lately. Blog wise and in general. I’d shrug my shoulders and tell you I’ll get through it because I will.

I’d probably have something to say about one or both of my jobs. Because that’s what you do with friends over coffee so, when in Rome.

I’d tell you I’m in the market for a new winter coat but am in denial that it will ever get cold enough for me to wear one. I’d also tell you that I need to go clothes shopping in the worst way. i need clothes, stat.

We’d talk about how Facebook has become a flaming heap of shit because of this mockery of an election. I cannot wait until it’s over on Tuesday. Then the fun starts with the finger pointing and the “told you so’s” from both sides. because that’s always fun.

You would probably tell me to get a grip.

Thanks for the cawfee tawk!



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