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a loosey goosey kind of challenge

You know what I love? When I stumble upon a blogging challenge. You know what I love more? When that challenge is a non-challenge! I was scrolling through my Bloglovin’ feed and the Back to Blogging Non-Challenge Challenge from alyssagoesbang came up. The challenge is a month long invitation to write about one (or all) of the topics provided. No deadlines. No pressure. Very loosey goosey. That’s my kind of challenge.

Of the 10 prompts, I chose “What Makes You Feel Peaceful” to write about. Except, as usual, I’m going to bend the prompt a bit and write about what makes me feel peaceful and makes me happy/ gives me pleasure.

Ok. Enough dilly dallying.

having my hair played with
central park
being with my family
being silly with my friends
clearing out the dvr with my mom on the couch
waking up on my day off knowing i don’t have to be anywhere
watching beauty videos on youtube
when i do my makeup right the first time
the sound of harry styles’ voice no, but seriously.
laughing uncontrollably
the smell of the heat coming up
after a day of taking pictures, coming home and editing them
coffee in paper cups it’s the new yawka in me
watching 90’s movies/tv shows
breakfast at the diner
starting a new book
when the stuff i order online finally gets to my house
getting lost in a daydream the problem is snapping out of it
when i’m nice to someone and they’re nice back it goes a long way, people
new shoes that don’t rub
hanging out with my almost one (!!) year old cousin
sending cards in the mail
the dollar section at target
beautiful fall days
sitting on the stoop on the summer
christmas morning
new posts from my favorite bloggers
deep, late night conversations
finding new bloggers through link ups or other bloggers
when my favorite musicians come out with new music i’m looking at you, bruno mars and BSB
smart guys
funny guys
guys who smell good
smart, funny guys who smell good and show an interest in me it’s all about the daydreams, y’all
using words like y’all
long summer nights
buying myself flowers although, flowers from a smart, funny guy who smell good wouldn’t go unappreciated
rapping Dead Wrong by Biggie
pretending to be Adele
catching a glimpse of my grandmother’s necklace around my neck
finding money in old cards, jacket pockets, pocketbooks, wherever else money hides

Well, there’s alot here and alot more in my head but I’d say this is enough for now. Can you believe I got through a whole post without one gif? Neither can I.

What brings you peace? What makes you happy?

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