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1DWD, if you will.

It’s been a minute since I’ve gushed about my favorite foursome, aka One Direction. It’s been a big week for at least two of them and being the good fan that I am, I’m here to celebrate their successes.

Harry, my love, has done his first solo magazine interview for AnOther Man magazine. He has cut his luxurious (yet, kind of greasy looking) locks and has taken us through the process. What resulted from that is a very Mick Jagger inspired photo shoot. His interview was conducted by Sir Paul McCartney and Chelsea Handler, which I would have loved to sit in on, it must have been a good time. He was asked if he saw the band getting back together, to which he gave a heartbreaking answer of “if it comes naturally and we all want to do it, we’ll do it”. ugh. I lived through the late 90’s/early 2000’s, I know what a boy band break up looks like. He also was asked if he was ready for kids and marriage and he said something like “only if Martina will have me”, so I guess the answer is yes. Harry, if you’re reading this – HEY, BOO. Or maybe he said that he likes working right now and he wants to take advantage of that while he still can. Whatever.




ugh. beautiful.

Niall has released a new single and boy, is it pretty. Take a listen.


Don’t mind me – I’m just going through some 1D withdrawals.1DWDs, if you will. Is there a detox for this? HELP.signature - script

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