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channel surfing: fall programming

It’s that time of the year! The one where the days get shorter, your pants get longer and all of your favorite shows are back on TV. We all know that I watch a lot of television so my excitement is pretty palpable.


I’m here today with a round up my favorites/the ones I’m most excited for. That way, we could figure out which shows we have in common and then we could have lengthy discussions about the lives of fictional characters. It will be fun, promise.

Ready? Let’s go!

This is Us – LAWWWDDD. I have so much to say about this show. I don’t want to say much and give things away but I can tell you this – there have been two episodes so far and each one has ended with a surprise that has totally blind sighted me. Especially in episode two. What I love about this show are the sibling relationships. Being an only child, I know what it means to have a sibling but I don’t know the meaning of a sibling if that makes sense. It’s kind of like missing what you’ve never had. Actually, it’s exactly like missing what you’ve never had. why do i always go one step too far? I love all of the characters, which is saying something because there is usually at least one character in a show that I can’t stand right off the bat. I was a little skeptical about Mandy Moore though. I was fine for the first episode but right in the middle of episode two, she was on the screen and all of a sudden the Only Hope scene from A Walk to Remember flashed in my head, which may have tainted her character for me but I’ll get through it. To wrap up for now, let’s talk about Milo Ventimiglia. That beard (not the moustache, though, never just a moustache), that manly lisp. YES. I could do without the long, greasy hair but, he’s Italian, it comes with the territory. Not since Providence have I been this excited to watch NBC every week.


Younger – I had been wanting to watch this show for a while. I finally figured out how to stream it (hint: get the TVLand app) at the end of August. I could have devoured both seasons in maybe a day, but I’m trying to savor them for a little while. As much as I wanted to try this show, I was skeptical about it. I was afraid that the plot would get on my nerves after a while only because I’m 29 and can’t get a job in my field or a hot boyfriend, so how did a 40-year-old? Not that a 40-year-old can’t or shouldn’t have these things, but even for younger (ha!) people, there’s a lot of finagling. Well, that and usually when it’s written that one of the characters in a TV show is pretending to be younger than they really are, they make them too out of the loop or try too hard. It’s annoying. So far, so good, though. Speaking of hot boyfriends – Nico Tortorella. Holy cow. #MCM. Another perk is that Hillary Duff is in this show. If all else fails, I could just pretend that it’s a show about Lizzie McGuire, all grown up and making her way in the big city. The third season started Wednesday, I’m on season two episode six or seven so I really have to fight the urge to power through the rest of season two.


The Mindy Project – Mindy is back! Season 5 starts streaming today and I can’t wait to get home from work, wash my face, and fire up Hulu. Last season’s cliffhanger was interesting and I’m curious to see where this goes. I wasn’t too impressed with last season overall so I’m hoping that Mindy and Co. redeems themselves. Also, Danny needs to come to his senses, get over himself and be the husband and dad Mindy and Leo need and, quite frankly, that (I feel) he wants to be.


Jane the Virgin – I call this a Telenovela Lite. It’s got the drama, romance, twists, and turns of a telenovela, but it’s on the CW at 8pm. If you don’t watch this show, you definitely should start. Seasons One and Two are on Netflix. Well, I’m pretty sure they are. If not, they will be soon. The new season starts sometime this month. Get caught up and then come and talk to me. If you do watch, WOAH, addicting, am I right?


Gilmore Girls – Truth time: I wasn’t a fan of /didn’t watch GG when it first came out. My mom actually found it in re-runs a few years ago and I got into it with her. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every episode at least once, but I might have to do a quick Netflix binge before November 25th. Not that I’m complaining, I love a good Netflix binge. For the record – I was totally Team Logan when I first watched the series. Now, I’m going to switch to Team Jess because, hello, Milo Ventimiglia. Were you not paying attention to my glowing review of This Is Us and Milo’s beard? Also, he’s the bad boy. You should always root for the bad boy. The one thing I’ll never be is on Team Dean. Sorry, I just can’t.


I’ve probably missed some, but I’m sure I’ll talk about them eventually. I just recently signed up for Amazon Prime Video so if you have any Amazon originals that you enjoy, let me know! I think there’s one coming out soon about the story of Queen Elizabeth (the current one) and the early days of her Queendom. (excuse the ugly american)

What are you watching? Let’s discuss!

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