sorry, jo-hoes – thank you, joe jonas

This blog is all too familiar with my incessant whining about, let’s be real, everything. Especially about life in the plus size world. Except today, I’m not coming to you with a complaint, I’m here with a kudos! times, they are a changin’.

My go-to Jonas is Nick. Hands down, all day. However, Joe has crept up into my heart and made a little (Jo)nest. Recently he and his band, DNCE, released “Toothbrush”. A catchy tune about staying the night and not worrying about morning breath because daddy Joe’s got a place for your toothbrush. It’s not my most favorite song on the radio today, but if I were between 14 and 16, I probably would have risked the virus and downloaded it from Kazaa and burned it to a mix CD. the early 2000’s were a much simpler time. My excitement is much less about the song and 100% about the fact that Joe asked Ashley Graham to play his love interest.

WHHHAAATTT?? Thank you Joe Jonas!

Ashley Graham, if you don’t know, is one of the biggest (no pun intended) plus size models in the game today. She’s a beaut. SHE WAS ON THE COVER OF SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, FOR CHRISTSAKE (*ahem* sorry).

In typical internet fashion, the haters came out in full force, screaming:

EW! He wouldn’t get with her in real life!

He’s too good for her!

She’s fat! And disgusting!

She’s unhealthy!

And so on.
sidenote: umm.. if she’s fat, then I want to be her kind of fat

Sorry, Jo-hoes, but you’re wrong. Joe didn’t seem to mind offering her his toothbrush after their wild night together. His hands didn’t seem to mind following her curves. He kept pursuing her so something must have kept him coming back. He didn’t look scared to have a pillow fight with her. I mean, really, listen to the words. He’s totally into her. Listen, I know it’s just a music video and the song is not about Ashley Graham specifically, but Joe and the band could have easily chosen someone like Karli Kloss, one of the Hadid girls, or some up and coming (straight size) model to star in the video. BUT HE (THEY) DIDN’T.

giphy (21)

And really, it isn’t just a music video. In a world where representation is becoming king, I don’t think I can adequately express how excited I am over this. Someone who looks like me (well…) can get paid to get a little touchy- touchy with a Jonas brother? And then strut her stuff down a runway? YES. Before you tell me to get a life and to stop being dramatic, you try being force fed the idea of Beyonce and Kim Kardashian being the “thicker girl’s” role model. They might not have thigh gaps and they might be able to balance champagne glasses on their ass, but the fact of the matter is, I look nothing like either of them. Ashley is on the smaller size of plus, but she is a legitimate plus size model, which works for me. That’s not to say that skinny girls don’t feel marginalized or made to feel like they aren’t good enough because that’s a whole other post, but you can’t tell me it’s normal to see someone like Ashley being picked to be the main love interest over a straight size person. amirite?

Imagine that – plus size people want to feel sexy! What a novel idea! They want to feel desired? Get out of town! People actually find them sexy and desirable and want to spend the night, and the next night (and so on) with them? STOP. IT. Because we all know that’s not allowed. Totally impossible.


Anyway, thank you, again Joe and the powers that be who made this happen. Hopefully, there’s more where this came from!


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