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I was supposed to have an extremely delayed weekend recap up today but that’s not happening. I’ll just have to break that post into two separate ones, which is great for you because, more Martina!

Anyway, really quickly, I wanted put something up because everyone else is in a meeting and I’m taking some me time.

For the last few weeks, I’ve had a pain in my lower back that I can’t get rid of. Actually, I got it to almost go away but now its’s back with a vengence. It’s on the left side and feels like I need to be wrung out like a dishtowel. It sucks. I’ve already played internet physician and narrowed it down to sciatica, poor posture or regular old hypochondria. Am I too young for sciatica? Could it be from wearing heels and walking like a newborn giraffe for two days?


On a lighter note, except not that light because this kind of sucks too but I’m trying hard to not be the 80 year old that I feel like, I’ve fallen twice in two weeks. First on Good Friday and then again today at work. Both times funny and ego- shattering. The thing is, I never fall. I usually am able to catch myself; not anymore, apparently. The last time I fell, it was off of the lowest balance beam in gymnastics camp. I was 12. (it was actually pretty funny. lisa, of course, was there to witness it so i’m not allowed to forget it. that’s what friends are for.)


The worst part is that my first reaction is rage because I’m so mad at myself so, today I fell in front of my Director and desk manager. They kept asking if I was OK and even though I was totally fine and wanted to laugh, my brain was all, “BE A BITCH.” and my body was like, “YOU’RE FINE.” Oh, really? Because my vain-ness tends to disagree.

Speaking of vanity, Mindy is back in 6 days! I’m more excited then I was when Harry turned 21. (right, like I was going to let a post go by without mentioning him. one day.)

What’s going on with you? Anything exciting?

Let’s discuss!


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