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Don’t get mad ’cause I’m asking 21 questions…

Well, maybe not 21, but a few. I’m doing things a little differently for this post. First, I have to direct it towards my fellow bloggers. Today I want to turn the tables and ask you guys a few questions. If you don’t blog, you’re more than welcome to hang out. I have lots of other posts that may interest you. Or you can read this one. Whatever blows your skirt up.

I’ve been doing a lot of obsessing thinking about this blog and what I can do to make it grow; live to its full potential. Since I consider (mostly) everyone who reads my blog a friend, I thought I should come to you guys with some things that have been rolling around in my mind. What are friends for but to over analyze everything that’s going on in each other’s lives?

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I feel a little weird asking these questions because, well, I kind of feel like they’re personal in the way of asking someone their yearly salary. Like, kind of rude, but I’m dying to know. I’m going to talk about my concerns too, so we’re all in this together. Anyway, let me just get them out.

How much attention do you pay to your site stats? How many views do you normally get in a day?
I’ve mentioned before that my site stats are usually really low. There are some days that I will steadily be at zero and then I’ll open my home page on my phone, check the stats, see a new view and then realize it was me. The days that I actually post something are a little better, but really, not by much. Sometimes I’ll have 15 views all day, sometimes 20. If I hit 30, I’m shocked. If I write something that is not “for the blog” (like photo dumps, Mindy Project recaps, or my dream wedding to Harry Styles) and ask my friends to share it, my numbers go up, but not drastically. The post that brought my largest amount of views in one day was this one, but as you can see, it was from a while ago.

What link-ups do you recommend?
I LOVED participating in Blogtober with Taylor and Helene. The biggest reason being I was introduced to many of you guys. The second was that I felt like I was really gaining exposure. My views were going up, my comments were flowing. It was fun! Then November happened and I really felt lost. I’ve been on the hunt for more great link-ups. I’ve found some, but I usually forget to post, or I’m unprepared for them when they come up. For example, I want to participate in the Show Us Your Books link-up from Life According to Steph, but I never have my reading list ready. Or I feel like I haven’t read enough. Excuses? Probably, but, have you met me?

whatever, MAUDE.

What form of social media works best for you? Have you ever created an ad/promoted your page or post on Facebook?
I have all of my posts set to share on Facebook and Twitter instantly. I have a link in my Instagram bio. Occasionally, I’ll share posts to my personal Facebook, but not all the time because when/if I write about work on here, I don’t want my co-workers to see, just in case. It’s weird because sometimes I want to be totally private with this, yet have everyone in the world read it. #torn. As for Facebook, my ads and boosts have been getting rejected. Once it was for foul language in the title (this little gem) and I’m not sure why they were rejected the other times. do i smell? 

How can I get published on sites like ThoughtCatalog or BlogHer or Bustle? Is it worth it?
I know I can Google this. I actually have Googled this. I just wanted to know any insider’s tips. If you’ve been published, how did you get them to notice you? Other than your fantastic writing, of course!


How important is commenting really? When you comment more, do you see a difference?
Everyone says to grow your blog, commenting on others is essential. I do my best to comment, but honestly, I don’t see a difference. Also, sometimes, as in life, I don’t have anything to say. I know I should comment “Great post!” or something to get my name out there, but I really don’t want to be fake. Not that sending a quick complement is fake. I want to be genuine and to me, that means having more to say than a generic comment. Like when you didn’t know what to write in someone’s yearbook so you went with “Have a great summer! KIT” #awkward. The other thing that makes me not want to comment on some blogs is when the blogger doesn’t answer. Taking the really big bloggers out of it, what’s up with that? Why should I take the time to think of something to say if you’re not going to answer me? I try my hardest to make sure I respond to any comments I get and I’m really bad at things like that. I’m constantly in trouble for not answering text messages. If I could do it, you can too! That’s enough rambling.

Do you use SEO? Does it help?
I have an SEO plug-in installed on my WordPress. I try to use it everytime I write a post. I don’t know if it’s doing anything because nothing seems to be different. How obscure should the focus keyword be? Or how not obscure? I know Google could help me with this too, but since we’re here, I figured I’d ask. And, again, if you have any special tips, I’d love to hear them!

And finally (for now)…

What would you like to see from me?
I know I get into writing ruts and I tend to get obsessive, so if you have any suggestions or things you want to discuss or get my highly intellectual opinion on, (complete with relevant GIFs) just let me know!

Leave a comment here or, if you want to contact me privately, all of my links are on my Contact page.

Thanks, guys!


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