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a little (more) Leo love!

Is everyone sick of hearing about Leo and this Oscars yet? Well, they click the little X on the right of your screen because I’m back again with some Leo love. It will be quick, painless and full of pride, of course.

What I wouldn’t give to be that statue engraver.

I love when he’s waiting for his statue, he’s looking at the crowd, probably thinking “I can’t wait to call Martina. I wish she were here right now.” Anyway, he’s looking out at the crowd with a look of… I don’t know the word. Sucking it all in. Like, this isn’t really happening. I don’t know. I’m just really happy for him. Now he just needs to make a movie or two (or ten) that’s a little less outdoorsy and a little bit more heart eye emoji. Or even a little bit more Wolf of Wall Street. I need levity, for God sake. let me see that smile.



*the featured image can be found here.


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