another day, another survey

I know, I know my last post was a survey and #spoileralert this post is a survey, but I had a wisdom tooth pulled yesterday so take pity on me. I found this one from Jessie over at Just Jessie. It seemed fun and even a little bit different so win/win.

Let’s get started shall we?

Five places I’m dying to visit
New Orleans
Chicago (in the summer)
Boston (or Philly – I just want to do a quick road trip)


Five foods I eat every day
Diet Coke
a bagel
something sweet, usually after breakfast
an ice cold orange

Five talents I wish I had
SINGING. maybe then Adele would notice me and we could be BFFs.
small talk. I hate it and hate that I’m no good at it.
knowing the right thing to say at all times. different than small talk, I mean I want to inherently know how to tell someone off without sounding like an idiot, yet at the same time able to comfort someone when they are upset.
the ability to execute the DIY projects I think of in my head without a hitch.
making the perfect piece of toast.

Five bloggers I wish would cook for me every day
Emily Bites

giphy (8)

Five Instagram accounts I love
Puppystagrams (yep- all puppies, all the time!)
Kate Spade
Betches Love Cheese

Basically anything funny, pretty, cute or cheesy.

Five things I wear almost every day
A bra – unfortunately
My cross/M necklace
shoes – again, unfortunately
nail polish
a look of annoyance at life/people in general

Five songs I listen to on repeat
Adele – When We Were Young & All I Ask
One Direction – Made in the AM album
Sam Hunt – Take Your Time & Break Up in a Small Town
Jimmy Buffet – Cheeseburger in Paradise & Margaritaville (I NEED SUMMER)
Taylor Swift – Out of the Woods

This is the playlist I play at work all the time, just to give you an idea. I would add a little more Eminem, Biggie and Disney if I could but all three are frowned upon.

Five beauty products I use every day
mascara – I’d tell you which one, but I’m on the hunt for a new one.
brown eyeliner
my Clairisonic
Kiko Cosmetics moisturizers and serums

Five movies I can watch on repeat
The Little Mermaid
This Means War
The First Wives Club
You’ve Got Mail
basically, anything Disney or any chick flick.


Five books on my current reading list
I only read one book at a time, but you can check my Goodreads for my To Be Read list!

Five random things I ate yesterday
Not much. Thanks, wisdom tooth.
mashed potatoes
a bagel with butter and jelly, toasted (pre-yanking)
stuffing out of a stuffed pork chop – which was delish and I wish I could have had more than two bites

So that was fun, right? I don’t think this is a tag so if you want to do it, go right ahead! Just let me know if you have so I can read your answers!


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