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flashback friday: MTV

The other day I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a status from someone who has a 10 year old. The gist of the status was that the kid had asked what the M in MTV stood for. He was told that it stood for music and the child said something like “but they don’t even play music on that channel!” Although totally true, that’s not the most distressing thing that MTV doesn’t play anymore. That status took me on a trip down memory lane.

Shows of MTV’s past, if you will.

I’m all about 90’s nostalgia, but for MTV, the early 2000’s was where it was at. So I’ve compiled a list of shows that MTV should re-run. Possibly even make a whole channel dedicated to. I’m all about those nostalgic channels.

Rich Girls– Summer 2003 was a great one for me. I turned 16, I had a great group of friends (still do, but we were younger and everything is better when you’re younger), My biggest problem was that my feet were too wide to wear Chinese slippers that matched my terry cloth capri outfit. it was a simpler time. The best part of my week was watching this show. Jamie and Allie were the real life, New York Paris and Nicole. They were privileged and spoiled and I loved every minute of it. They were rich versions of me and my friends; smart, but not all the time. Typical teenagers. I recently found out that Jamie lives in the building that Nicole works in, which is great because I could meet Nicole for lunch and pitch a DVD release. #winwin

I was going to add a corresponding gif here, as per usual, but I came across this Buzzfeed article and I couldn’t choose just one so click here for some Rich Girls gems.

Laguna Beach(Season 1) – Ahh the glory days before Kristen hit it big and Audrina landed on this planet. This show was ICONIC. Tell me you don’t still picture LC driving across that bridge, away from Stephen and on to college whenever you hear “She Will Be Loved”. I won’t believe you. Season one was magic because it all went downhill from there. I hated when Kristen took over. LC got wayyyy too philosophical when The Hills started. I actually liked Jason but not enough to keep me invested in the drama.

and sheee willl beeee lovedddd…

The Osbournes – America’s first reality family (except, according to my History of TV professor, that distinction goes to The Louds of PBS, but that was back in the 70’s so does it really count?) I was obsessed with this show! They were hysterical and I wanted to move in with them. Me and SHAAROONNN throwing hams over the neighbor’s fence. It would be fantastic. I could have played their other daughter that wanted nothing to do with production. Just call me Aimee.


My Super Sweet 16 – Guys, I would have killed for a sweet 16. They’re a big deal in Brooklyn; a huge rite of passage. I wanted it all – the dais, the poofy gown, the tee shirt favors, the dancers – the whole 9. What I got was a luncheon and a dress from Sears. que sera. One of the episodes featured a girl from Staten Island who had a Cinderella themed party at a huge catering hall. She also hired the same DJ/dance company my friend’s sister had at her party. So what, right? WRONG. Being such a fanatic of early MTV, I knew that one of the dancers at my friend’s sister’s party was the one and only Prince Charming from that episode (or Prince Charmin’, as he was called the whole. freaking. episode.) so, of course, I HAD to snag a picture( and thoroughly embarrass myself by complementing his eyes, because my flirt game has and always was strong.  Add to that mortification that I’m not even in the picture because I was the one who took it. I can’t even win.



Does Charmin’ look familiar? Yea, he wound up on a recent MTV hit “Are You The One?” #goingplaces.

True Life: I’m Getting Married– this one is a bit of a cheat because it’s just an episode, but it’s one of the best in True Life’s history. Hands down. First, they had a gay couple on, which for 2002/2003, was pretty rare. Second, Charlie and Sabrina. The limo tirade, the tanning, the fight over invitations and directions. They also got married in the same church that my parents did so we’re practically related. The last couple was OK, but the husband needed a good punch in the face after the first commercial break. I looked it up and two out of the three couples are still together. Well, I couldn’t find anything about the gay couple but I think I heard a long time ago that they aren’t together anymore. I really thought it would be Dan and Buria (couple #2) would be the ones to call it quits, but 14 years and 3 kids later, they proved me wrong.

Some honorable mentions:
Real World Vegas
Real World New Orleans (the one with CT)
Engaged and Underage (the pre-cursor to 16 and Pregnant)
Room Raiders

What were some of your favorite MTV shows? What should they add to my dream channel?


Let’s discuss!


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