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a “History” lesson

Another day, another 1D post.

March is rapidly approaching – let me live.

The Fab Five Four released the video for “History” yesterday so, of course, here I am to discuss it in detail. Take a peek and then come back for some dissecting.

First, why didn’t they just put a big X on Zayn’s face? Listen, I know he’s part of their history (ba dum dum), but it’s like they ignored him when he was standing right there. That’s one of my biggest pet peeves when someone is talking about me right in front of me. Like, “she has to go to the post office. are you going to take a ride with her?” “only if she wants me to. maybe I will and then she’ll come to the pharmacy with me.” my roommates parents do that to me all the time. It drives me insane. Anyway, I feel like that’s what they pulled on Zayn. But, out of sight, out of mind -amiright?

Second, I don’t know how I feel about this camera in front of a brick wall and the boys leaning into the camera type of deal. It just makes them look uninterested/uninteresting.

Niall’s glasses, however…


Upon further inspection, I have decided that I really can’t stand the whole brick wall nonsense. First of all, it looks fake. Totally green screened. Nobody could find a brick wall to set a camera in front of and put the boys in between? And what’s up with the lip syncing? I know that’s how you make a music video; I was an avid watcher of Making the Video back in the day, but this shit is bananas.

And that’s about it. I liked the flashbacks of them in concert and conquering the world, but I’ve seen the This Is Us movie so… yea.

Did I get a little sad when they showed their last performance and then when they all waved goodbye and went thier separate ways from that dumb brick wall? I’ll admit I did.

This was by far their most thrown together video and it sucks because there won’t be another one until God knows when. Maybe. But that’s a bridge we’ll cross in 2017.

I wish they would have went out on a high like the Night Changes video, which ties with One Sweet Day for my all time favorites, or at least the Story of My Life video. speaking of “life”, i need one. my birthday is in july. thanks in advance.

Oh well. See you in the tabloids, boys.

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