rolling in the carpool karaoke

Hello, it’s me. My mood has considerably lightened so I decided to come back on here and talk about what happened the other night on the telly.


James Corden has done it again! He did a Carpool Karaoke with the Queen herself, Adele. It was, as expected, wonderful and I wanted to share it with you. As if you haven’t seen it or for whatever reason forgot how to use YouTube.

I was going to, in the tradition of the One Direction carpool karaoke segment, write down my thoughts as I watched. But honestly, and this would have worked for 1D also, all I can come up with is this:


Again I have to ask, HOW IS SHE SO EFFORTLESS? I’m sorry but I don’t think Beyonce could sound that good, be that chill and down to earth if put in the same situation. I know I’m alone here. Moving on.

I loved that she had no idea that James is a singer himself, a rather good one too! I also loved that when she was really into it and doing her thaaang, he stepped back and came in when it was appropriate. Unlike what I would do and try to match wits with her, vocal chord to vocal chord. As if I don’t say it enough, I really can’t wait until I meet her and we become best friends. I would love to have a few glasses of wine with her and see what trouble we could get into. And I don’t even like wine; that’s how dedicated I am to making our friendship work.

My favorite part though came when she SKILLED the Nicki Minaj rap. Just another reason for us to be best friends. I can rap Biggie like nobody’s business. Red and black lumberjack, with the hat to match, B I double G I E skillz. I wonder if I could add that to my resume.


What did you think of Adele’s carpool karaoke?

Let’s discuss!


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