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thoughts from a youtube addict

Lately I’ve been toying with the idea of making Youtube videos. By toying, I mean that I’ve thought about it, remembered that I hate how my voice sounds on camera, realized I’d have to edit the videos, and then ultimately decided against it. Added to that is the fact that I’m not a consistent blogger so I probably wouldn’t be a consistent vlogger and my life is so painfully boring I wouldn’t want to watch it – it’s bad enough that I have to live it.

All of this being said, there are people who do actually keep up with making videos, boring life and all. I’ll admit, I looove watching them. I have made them a part of my nightly routine. Sometimes I’ll watch them while I paint my nails or I’ll have them on in the background while I do my online (window) shopping. I usually stick to vlogs and makeup videos with a sprinkling of planner and book ones in between.

It’s been a while since I’ve started to watch YouTube regularly so, of course, I have commentary about most of them.

Things I Say To Myself While Watching YouTube Videos

  • oohhh a drugstore haul! what’s new at Ulta?
  • $16.99 for drugstore foundation? who am i, rockefeller? it’s definitely not worth it.
  • but her skin looks perfect. maybe it is worth it.
  • how does she get her skin so flawless?
  • let me search for her foundation routine.
  • ok, here we go. the secret to perfect looking skin.
  • of course, a beauty blender.
  • i’m not spending over $20 ON A SPONGE.
  • what (makeup product) is she wearing?
  • let me check the info box
  • how do i have loads of makeup, most of it recommended by these ladies and yet, i have nothing i need for this tutorial?
  • hmmm.. (brand) came out with new stuff. let’s check it out.
  • how can i get these companies to send me all of their new products for free?
  • omg that lipstick. i NEED it.
  • but it looks so similar to the 10 other red lipsticks that i already have.
  • nope, still need it.
  • seriously, how do they get this stuff FOR FREE?
  • that highlighter is gorgeous!
  • i don’t know how to use highlighter
  • let me see if she’s got a highlight/contour tutorial.
  • i could totally do this.giphy (33)
  • this looks very involved.
  • forget it. just like winged eyeliner, this isn’t going to happen.
  • let’s look up how kim kardashian (k)ontours.
  • how does she wear that much makeup?
  • does she even have a face under all of that?
  • i prefer a fresher face anyway.
  • vlog time!
  • how do they not leave the house?
  • oh. right. i didn’t leave the house yesterday at.all. #judgementfreezone
  • maybe i should vlog.
  • your voice is annoying, martina.
  • and your accent scares small children.giphy (34)
  • ooohh.. a target run! yessss
  • my dollar spot isn’t that big
  • i have to go to target.
  • my target is so disappointing.
  • maybe i’ll go tomorrow.
  • your kids are cute, but i don’t need to watch them play for 10 minutes in a 17 minute vlog.
  • seems like bath and body works had a sale.
  • am i the only person in the world who has a serious aversion to sweet smells?

giphy (35)

  • on the real, what’s up with all the candy/vanilla/ fruit scents?
  • why does everyone want to smell like a carnival?
  • idk. call me crazy but it seems like everything in bath and body smells the same.
  • i need reading suggestions
  • a book haul? don’t mind if i do.
  • i wish i had room for that many books.
  • i’d be like belle, riding a ladder at the book shop.

giphy (36)

  • little town, it’s a quiet village…
  • if you have the book on your kindle, your nook and a hard covered copy why do you need it in soft cover?
  • like your two copies of titanic and the little mermaid on dvd? right, martina. #judgementfreezone.
  • oh. that was the last new video in my subscription box?
  • refresh
  • maybe i’ll go and blog now.

I’ll leave links to the people I watch regularly, if you want to check them out!

Samantha Schuerman and her daily vlogs
Melissa and her daily vlogs
Fellow blogger, Jessie
Marie’s weekly bits

Who do you like to watch?

Let’s discuss!


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