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last leg of the tour!

Here is, as promised, the final installment of the 5th Avenue tour. I wouldn’t leave you wandering around and since you paid for it, you should get it. If you haven’t paid, let me know and I’ll give you my PayPal email.


Anyway, this last part will be a collection of things. We have to backtrack to the tree but, like I said before, we’re saving the best for last. By now we’ve¬†watched the light show at Saks and have somehow have been carried by the crowd and are now standing across the street from Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. She’s a beauty.

They’re holding a mass, so we can’t go in for picture taking. It’s totally worth a return trip though. It’s time to turn around and get swept up in the tree crowd again. Ready? Hold on tight.


It’s a real beaut, Clark. All SPRUCE(d) up and looking good!

giphy (23)

That concludes this tour of 5th Ave at Christmas.Please remember all of your belongings and to tip your driver. As a bonus, here’s a picture of the stars at the Shops at Columbus Circle. They aren’t on 5th but I love them and wanted to share.




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