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One Direction, Adele and Miranda

Woof. It’s been a big two(ish) weeks. For no other reason except One Direction and Adele released albums a week apart from each other. If you’ve been here for a while and thought it might have been for any other reason, you obviously haven’t been paying well enough attention. Last year, when 1D released Four, I wrote a post listing some of my favorite songs. This year I’m going to do the same but also include my favorites from Adele’s album. I’m sure you don’t mind.

First, I should probably say that I love both albums and think they’re both amazing in their own rights. But like any good parent or teacher, I have my favorites.

giphy (16)

Just kidding. I’m sure teachers can’t play favorites. It must be in their contract or something.

OK, One Direction. This album, to me, has a very… vintage (?) feel to it. They even recorded some parts at Abbey Road. I mean, the Beatles. I like the direction (ha! pardon the pun) they went in with this album. It’s a bit slower, more grown-up. I hesitate to use mature because I feel like some Negative Nelly will have something to say. Anyway, my favorites.

We all know how much I love Perfect so that goes without saying. But there are other standouts on the album.

If I Could Fly – When I first heard this one it reminded me of when the Backstreet Boys let Nick sing all of I Need You Tonight on the Millennium album. Why? Because Harry sings the first verse and for some reason I equated that he’s the youngest of the group and so is Nick. I don’t know, it worked in my head. Weirdness aside, this song is really pretty. Like, really pretty. It’s also very versatile. At first listen you think, “wow. harry is finally opening up to me.” Then you listen again and you think “oh. maybe they just miss their mamas.” Either way, beautiful song.

Olivia – This is one of the songs recorded at Abbey Road. This one definitely has a Beatles feel to it. It also incorporates a bit of Willy Wonka so how bad could it be? On Youtube One Direction released a video series going over each song on the album. Harry said “Olivia” could be anyone or anything. IT could be a time or place that you don’t want to forget. He says it with a cheeky grin, which I learned from watching recent interviews of theirs, means there’s something he’s not telling us. I’ve also heard elsewhere that it may be about Taylor Swift’s cat, Olivia Benson. (damn it. i told myself not to mention her.)


Walking in the Wind – Ok, I told myself numerous times not to mention Taylor, BUT if there was any song even loosely based on the Haylor relationship on this album, it’s this one. They can’t escape each other. I mean, it’s like dating a co-worker. Again, it’s a pretty song. If nothing else, this album has great choruses (hooks?).

Now Adele. She came back with a vengeance. She has said this is less of a break up album and more of a make up album. I’ll take it.

When We Were Young – I’ve included the video for this one twice already so I won’t include it again. My love for this song runs deep. Usually, I can piece together parts of a song and sort of relate to it and then move on. I just can’t quit this song. It reminds me of someone who looks like a movie and sounds like a song (well, movie – yes. song – don’t think so). Also, I AM mad I’m getting older, but that’s a different post.

Water Under The Bridge – Another great chorus (hook?). I wonder how Adele’s boyfriend (husband?) feels about her still writing songs that refer to past relationships. I know with this album it doesn’t matter since they’re all pretty much “ya lost me, loser” songs. Just a thought.

All I Ask – Bruno Mars co-wrote this song so, of course, GOLD. I could definitely hear Bruno doing this song also. Maybe for the remix? Speaking of Bruno- where you at, boo? If this one, and the two songs above got together and made a baby, that song child would be a song essentially made for me. I never get emotional at songs, or anything, really, but this song made me get so heavy on my way to work the other day I had to just turn it off. Then I felt ridiculous and blamed it on the fact that I was on my way to work and just didn’t want to be. And Aunt Flo is coming to town. I blame that bitch for everything. Mostly because she deserves it.

I’ve decided that Adele and I should be best friends. So, Adele, the next time you’re in New York let me know. We’ll do coffee. Or tea at the Plaza because, damn it, we’re classy.

giphy (17)

My anglophelia has gotten so out of control lately because, naturally, I can’t just watch one or two One Direction or Adele interviews, I have to watch all of them. ALL OF THEM. I’ve also become a fan of Miranda Hart. So in-between 1D and Adele interviews I’m watching Miranda (the TV show and her interviews) and Call the Midwife. I wouldn’t be so concerned except that now my thinking voice has a British accent. I’ll be walking through something in my head and the voice is definitely not mine. The crazier (i know) thing is that the voice switches from kind of posh to sort of not posh. For example, I’ve noticed Harry (and Miranda) say THink and THrough (something I don’t do), but Louis (and Adele) say Fink and Frough.


We all know that’s not going to happen so here are some Miranda gifs.

Anyway, this has unraveled quite quickly so I’ll just stop this here. No, really.

Waht did you think of the new One Direction and Adele albums? Any standouts?

Let’s discuss!


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