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weekend wrap up: the one with the wedding

Let’s pretend it isn’t Tuesday (as I write this) so this weekend wrap up came in a timely manner. I know, I suck. In my defense though, I had a busy weekend and then last night I was getting ready to write this post when I found out a spam bot was all up in my site stats so I wanted to address that first, like the excellent blog mom that I am. In doing so, I royally screwed up everything and was left with a non-usable site for a few hours. So, after paying over $100 to back everything up, and then finding out I never had to mess with any kind of behind the scenes files (because God forbid I ask my web host’s excellent customer service a question), here I am. Ready? OK.

Friday was the start of wedding weekend. Not mine – you guys will definitely know when my day comes, if my 150 year old finger are still able to type. Lisa’s cousin got married and I was part of the bridal party. This was the first wedding I’ve been in since I was 7 so it was a big deal.


Don’t let that fake smile fool you. I was so sick that day, which of course meant I was the biggest bitch brat in Brooklyn. That, and I must have been channeling my inner Julia Sugarbaker with those shoulder pads. Actually, looking back, I kind of like that dress. I remember the bride wanted us to wear mini-replicas of her dress. Thank God someone talked her out of that. It was 1994, the amount of satin and sequins involved would have smothered me.

Anyway, Friday was the rehearsal. I don’t have any many pictures from that night except one of my outfit. I mean, why get out of sweats if you aren’t going to take pictures of it?


There’s something about wearing a pleather skirt and boots. You don’t know whether to cast a spell or kick someone in the teeth. Basically, I was feeling pretty badass.

Also on Friday’s agenda was getting my nails done. My usual nail place recently closed so I’ve been on the hunt for a new one. My cousin told me about a place that she goes to near her house that is massage happy, especially with the pedicures. SOLD. My mom doesn’t call me a massage whore for nothing. I went and got my toes rubbed and painted and then had them do a gel manicure on my nails. I’m obsessed with gel manicures now. I got all silver sparkles and my nails are still smooth and shiny and just delightful. And who doesn’t love a manicure that doesn’t require drying time? Crazy people, that’s who.

After the rehearsal at the church, we all grabbed something to eat and went home. Speaking for myself, I got into bed and watched Youtube videos until I fell asleep. my life is so cosmopolitan, if i wasn’t already me, i’d be jealous.

Saturday morning I had a hair appointment followed by a makeup appointment at a different salon. In between, I scarfed down breakfast and tried to get in the wedding game. Was it right foot first? How many pews do I wait before I start to walk down the aisle? What if I trip? Is my camera charged?

So, before I add some pictures of the day, I have to add that at this wedding, I was not the sick one. That title goes to Lisa. She found herself in the emergency room that morning and was unable to attend. She’s doing better now *knocks wood*. Don’t worry, Lee (if you’re reading), I had two of everything – one for me and one for you. Except Fireball shots because they didn’t have any.

giphy (7)

Really. Anyway. Here are some scenes from Saturday.

Cheers to the happy couple! I had a great time. Thank you for including me in your special day.

Also, I’ve decided that the only way I’ll go to a wedding ever again is if I’m in the bridal party. Special treatment all day for the WIN.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing switching back and forth from the Perfect video and the Hello video, if we’re being honest. Speaking of Hello, the queen is definitely back, amirite?

What did you do this weekend?

Let’s discuss!


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