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perfect is perfection!

So, One Direction released a music video for their newest single, “Perfect” yesterday. And it is… perfect. except not as perfect as “Night Changes“.

Take a look and then come back so that we could analyze it to death. Did you really think I’d have nothing to say about it?

First, can I say that I’m liking that Papa Lou is going old school with his hair these days? It reminds me of when they first started and I was convinced I’d never be interested in another boyband. yea,ok.


Speaking of hair, Harry needs to cut his. Or at least wash it. At the very least use some dry shampoo, boo boo. I’ll take that smoulder in front of the window any day though.

Is anyone else overly jealous of that interviewer? Just me? Whatever.

Excuse me, Niall. Where did you come from? hey boy, hey.

Is there really even a question that this song is about Taylor Swift? There is? Ok let’s explore. At around 2:43, when Harry is laying on the bed, ottoman, whatever he sings:

if you like cameras flashing everytime we go out

At first I was like ok, they’re telling fans what it would be like to date them in real life. Good looking out, Harry. Then he hits us with:

if you’re looking for someone to write your break up songs about

Well, I’ll be damned.


Say what you want, but this stuff makes me so excited. What happened? What kind of trouble did they cause in those hotel rooms? Where did they rendezvous to? What if they were soul mates? Is here any hope in reconciliation? Is that Jenner girl to blame? I NEED ANSWERS!


WILL SOMEONE PLEASE WRITE A TELL-ALL? and not some glossed over nonsense. I need the dirty deets.

Anyway, back to the video.

Liam- that smile, those tattoos, that perfect hair. Never change lovebug, never change. Also, your tattoo face is adorable. Just sayin’.

The typical boy band dance around at 3:21 is wonderful. Liam’s hat, Harry’s hair flip – just amazing.

So boys, in case you were wondering, I like causing trouble up in hotel rooms and I like having secret little rendezvous. I also like to do the things I know we shouldn’t do. Driving with the windows down is my favorite way to drive. Especially when I’m driving to places I can’t even pronounce. I like to do whatever I’ve been dreaming about. Who doesn’t? So, when do you want to start? Right now? Sounds perfect to me.

What did you think of the video?

Let’s discuss!


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