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weekend recap: babies and bedsheets

Hey, it’s me again! It’s Monday and since I’ve been in a bit of a writing slump lately I figured that I’d recap my weekend, since I actually did things and just catch up with you guys. So make yourself a cup of coffee and get comfortable.

cawfee tawk

Friday: I had to work, which is not the norm so I was a bit discombobulated for the rest of the weekend. Nicole came over and we ordered tacos for dinner and then watched the latest Mindy. Me for the second time, her for the first. Lisa stopped by for a little while too but by 11, everyone was home and I was in bed. can’t say i don’t keep it real over here.

Saturday: My cousin and his wife are expecting a baby so Saturday, I polished myself up real nice and joined the rest of my family to shower her with love, presents and delicious food. It was a brunch, which is always a good time. I could have lived in the pan of french toast and made a summer home in the chicken oreganata pan. woof.

The mama to be was absolutely glowing. And she wore heels. Like, the whole time. If that were me, I’d probably strap clouds to my feet and still complain.


I just want to apologize in advance for the quality of some of these pictures. I’m so used to grabbing my point and shoot for family events that I didn’t even think to bring my big camera. For the record, I’m looking into mirrorless cameras because they seem to be the perfect blend of quality in a manageable package. I just need a winning lottery ticket or the money tree my mom keeps talking about in my backyard to bloom because them shits expensive. if anyone wants to donate to the cause, let me know and i’ll give you my paypal email and my undying gratitude.

Ugh. I can’t wait till this little guy makes his appearance!

Sunday: I think this explains it:


So, my weekend wasn’t the most exciting but this is better than another survey, no? small steps, guys, small steps. 

My high school reunion was supposed to be on Saturday but Friday night a message went up on the group’s page on Facebook that it was cancelled. This made everyone lose.their.shit. Tickets were purchased and everyone wanted their money back, which was understandable but instead of screaming about it on the group’s page, why don’t you check your email? Apparently, one went out to let everyone know what was going on and when to expect a refund. I mean, I didn’t even buy a ticket and I know all about what happened and when everyone’s refund should come through.  Honestly, I don’t know why my class is the one that can’t get their shit together.It’s kind of embarrassing. They’re trying to reschedule for some time in December but hopefully, I’ll have a new baby cousin to play with by then and will be able to dodge that bullet again.

Remember I said I bought the cutest sheets? Since I didn’t do a Friday Five, I’ll show them here. Also, they’re on sale so if you want them go NOW!


Aren’t they adorable? They’re Whim by Martha Stewart from Macys. They had a few other patterns that I also loved but these won me over. They had sheets with toucans, snowglobes, flamingos, champagne- who knew Martha was so trendy? Click on the picture to see what else they have. There’s a black comforter with colorful flowers that I have my eye on.

What was everyone up to this past weekend?

Let’s discuss!


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