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TV Tuesday – DWTS

Did everyone watch Dancing with the Stars last night? You should have. Especially for the glorious spectacle that was Nick and Sharna’s dance. (Nick being Nick Carter of BSB, if you didn’t know.)
I felt like I was back at one of their concerts. i’m already making plans to get tickets for whenever they’re in my area. It was amazing! And AJ was there for moral support! He even brought along other boy banders like Joey Fatone, Jeff Timmons, and 3 out of 5 members of O-Town. Ashley Parker Angel was not one of them, in case you were wondering.

I’ll just going to leave this Tumblr gifset here for your viewing pleasure.

The pelvic thrusts! The shimmying! The BSB thriller move! swoon.

I also found the video in case you totally missed it. Or just want to watch it again. Let me know, I’ll watch it with you.

Ok, so the video quality sucks and I’m thinking they took the song out because of copyright, but it’s a classic, you probably have it stuck in your head right now.

everyybodaayy (yeahh)
rock your bodaayy
everybodaayy rock your bodaayy right.
Backstreet’s back, alright!

Are you throwing your hands up in the air and waving them around, like you just don’t care (yet)?

Did you watch? Whose was your favorite dance of the night? I also really liked Bindi and Derek. Speaking of Derek, where can I get me one of him? Is there a catalog? come to mama.

Let’s discuss!


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