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Mindy, Etsy and Taylor Swift

How come during the week Friday seems like it will never get here and then it comes and it’s like “woah, Friday already?” Maybe its just me. My work schedule sucks. Anyway, I haven’t done a Friday Five Favorites whatever in a while so I figured, even though nothing I have to say goes with each other, why not? I’ll make it work.

Guys, it’s September. You know what that means? MINDY COMES BACK THIS MONTH! And Hulu is now offering a no commercial option. All is right with the world. Also, full disclosure, I chose this picture because I love Mindy’s lipstick color. Now that that’s out in the open… mindy-project-season-4-facebefore i continue i just wanted to make a note. from this post forward i am going to link whatever picture, gif, meme, etc. to the page where i found it. unless it’s mine (something i made or photographed). then you’ll just have to ask for it.

2. I went to the city yesterday with Lisa. I brought my camera, of course, so there will be a post of pictures soon. Maybe. I still have to go through them. Anyway, we were walking around and I was holding my camera like I always do, one arm supporting the neck and the other under the butt. HA!

knee slapper


I really crack myself up. Anywhoo… I was holding my camera like I always do, with the strap bunched up in the hand that is underneath the camera. Ever since crossbody bags became cool again, I haven’t used anything else. I love having my hands free when I can so carrying my camera is a little awkward for me. I’m always paranoid that either I’ll drop it or someone will try to snatch it. This is New York, after all. At one point, Lisa asked me why I don’t use the camera strap. Here’s the deal. I tried to use it once and the strap opened and the camera fell right off. Thank God it landed in a pile of sand (I mean, if it had to fall, I’d rather it was on sand than concrete.) Since then, the strap has been there just for show. When I got home, I went on to Etsy and searched camera straps and, as usual, Etsy did not disappoint. Behold the scarf camera strap:



This one is, by far, my favorite. They have ones that are more neutral too, if that’s your style. Maybe I’ll get two so that I’m covered for every occasion. Some shops also have wrist straps. I need a few of those too. I just need them all.

3. Speaking of Etsy, I stumbled across stylishpetite on Instagram. She posted this picture and I immediately wanted, well, everything in the photo but I would settle for just the mug.

I went to her blog and found the post, which led me right to this Etsy shop. I’m in love with everything. And! They offer a left-handed option for the coffee mugs! Hallelujah! How many times have I found a great mug only to have to put it down because the sentiment would always face me instead of out? #leftyproblems Not many, but still, this is a big deal. #ihavenolife. Anyone want to get me a late birthday gift? Early Christmas gift? Favorite blogger gift? I accept gifts for any reason.

4.. Taylor Swift released her music video for “Wildest Dreams” last week at the VMAs. The show was over 2 hours of absolute fuckery, but this video was not. First, Scott Eastwood. Mama like. Second, 1950’s Hollywood glam. Taylor has been getting a lot of shit for the premise of her video, some even calling her racist. I think, and I’ve said this before, people today are throwing that word around too freely and are looking too far into things that aren’t there. But that’s for a different post. Third and finally, she donated the proceeds from the video to the African Parks Foundation of America for wildlife conservation. It doesn’t make her a saint, but at least she’s not wearing Mufasa on her back. Ok, enough of that, let’s all drool over Scott Eastwood.

5. If I’m not watching Taylor and Scott, my other Youtube obsession is planner videos. I really don’t know why. I have banned myself from buying a planner because I know for a fact I will fall deep in to the rabbit hole of stickers and pens and washi tape. oh my! Then I’ll get depressed because I have nothing to plan. It’s probably not healthy, but I’ll just stick with living vicariously through the people of Youtube. Meanwhile, I don’t know how long that will last because I have already fallen in love with the agenda for 2016. jesus take the wheel.

That’s about it. That’s five, right? I’m not good with the math. Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!


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