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new look!

I just have to say it- how pretty does my little space on the internet look?

I don’t mean to brag but…
giphy (1)



I’m really in love with it. If only I could package my life together so neatly. Anyway, the reason for the change was I made the jump to self-hosting. I haven’t decided if this is the best or worst decision I’ve ever made. There’s still some things to iron/figure out but for the most part, this is it.

The reason I decided to make the switch is when you self host everything you post is yours. I post alot of my own photography and want to keep it that way, MINE. Especially if I’m going to keep entering photo contests.

Speaking of photography contests, yesterday was August 10. According to the first letter I should have known the outcome by then. I didn’t hear anything but I’m going to stay positive and give it a few days because the mail has been a bit wonky lately.



I hope you like the new look. Tell me how pretty it is what you think in the comments!

Let’s discuss!


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