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you probably don’t know…


Today I’m linking up with Helene!

It took me a while to think of something to write about for this post. What haven’t I shared? I’m pretty much an open book that keeps repeating itself. Finally, I thought of something that’s a little funny, maybe a little sad, and a lot embarrassing.

You probably don’t know….

that I (basically) hate going down steps.

And here’s why.

Right before my second birthday – like less than a week before- I was trying to go up the stairs just as my mom was coming down. I tried to turn and go back down but wound up falling and landing with my leg underneath me. I still can’t figure out how my tiny thisclose to two year old body managed to break a leg bone but it did. Sounds like a calcium deficiency, if you ask me.

clearly, the late 80’s was a carefree time.

Since then, the bane of my existence has been walking down steps. In first grade we had a fire drill. At that point in my life, my preferred mode of tackling my beasts of burden was to hold on to the banister with both hands and just take my time- possible fire be damned! We had a student teacher who noticed this and told my teacher because this had the potential to get really ugly. So everyday for the next few weeks during recess, my teacher took the time to teach me how to go down the steps with one hand on the banister, facing forwards. You may be wondering why my parents didn’t do that in the first place. I’m sure they did, but really, they didn’t have the safety of 25+ other children to worry about.

I’m still very hesitant when going down steps. It takes a shit-ton of time longer than a normal person because I still take them one step at a time. Recently I was at work and one of the students was walking down the steps next to me. I was being particularly slow because 1) the flight of steps I was on is extremely steep, and 2) I was just feeling extra lazy that day, ok? Anyway, we were walking down together and I was busy watching where I was going, taking my time and she kept asking me if I was OK. i’m fine, just totally mortified.

It’s funny because I have an ever changing (fairly long) list of things that I would love to change about myself. This tidbit is one thing that never leaves the top three spot.It’s another one of my quirks that I hope someone finds endearing one day and will fall in love with it; just like in the movies.

What is something that I probably don’t know about you? Go over to Helene’s link up and share your story; I’ll see you there!


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