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Currently Friday

Ahhh… Friday. Welcome back, friend. It’s been a long week full of moments that made me want to pull my hair out and weather that (finally) didn’t.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do a Friday five or a Currently post so I’m going to mash them up. So, like a Currently Friday. am i brilliant or what?

I think I’ve mentioned that I love a good Canadian teen drama. And if I haven’t, I love a good Canadian teen drama. Ready or Not (which I’m patiently waiting for to come to Netflix or Hulu), Degrassi – I’m all aboot them. I stopped watching Degrassi after the “Degrassi Does New York” summer movie, where *SPOILER ALERT* Spinner and Emma get married(!!). I tried to keep up but after a while I missed the original gang too much. Also, if we’re being honest, I wasn’t too thrilled about that union. Everyone knows it’s Spinner and Paige/ Emma and Sean. Anyway, Buzzfeed put up a “what do they look like” type of article that mentioned Spinner made an appearance in one of the season 14 episodes. YESSSS!! I found the episode on Youtube. He comes in at around the 18 minute mark and *SPOILER ALERT* he still works at The Dot. Seriously? Emma is allowing this? I mean at least he’s gainfully employed but they married him off to little miss perfect, but they couldn’t get him a new job? But then again, his left ring finger was noticeably bare. Typical Degrassi.

even spinner knows it’s true

Reading: Bossypants by Tina Fey. I’m only about 70 pages in but I’ve already gotten the case of the giggles so bad that it made my mom start laughing too.

Speaking of infectious laughter, has anyone seen the show Repeat After Me? Ellen Degeneres is behind it. It’s a hidden camera show where celebrities are told what to do/say to the unsuspecting public. My favorite one so far is Michael Bolton. Here, just watch:

Thinking about: my haircut/color appointment tomorrow. I haven’t had my hair colored in forever so I’m kind of nervous to take the plunge. I’m thinking a slight ombre. I just can’t wait to cover these pesky grays; they’re taking over.

kim k

Laughing at: These memes (look at me with the cool, hip lingo)

I think that’s all I got. How was your week? Hopefully it was a bit more exciting than mine! Any thoughts on Degrassi, or am I the only one who still cares?

Let’s discuss!


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